Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fast Times at Tehran High

1/2 way through a scene from an ancient movie called "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" a wickedly clever prophesy is fullfilled. The resident Ridgemont retardy's late to class. During the teach's interrogation it's revealed that the class is American history because -

"... I see the globe right there..."
The Great Satan's whirlwind of diplomatic statecraft is formidable, global and flat out stunning. Applying charm, grace and old school techniques America has pre emptedly co opted the EU's soft power in a way that Francis Fukyama never saw coming.

The New Millenium's Lafayette pays homage and hooks up with the Great Satan, Uber Rich Deutschland's plan to bankrupt the Iranian economy is set in motion. Before the dust had settled at the Texas ranch par tay, communications from Great Britain signal the spiritual sons of Arnhem and El Alamein are in it to win it:

"And it is good for Britain, for Europe and for the wider world that today
France and Germany and the European Union are building stronger relationships
with America."
This alignment of the EU is significant. The EU's legitimacy as a collection of democratic, tolerant, egalitarian societies with a free, uncensored press and open, transparent elections is irresistible. Poland responds by dissing Russia and digging in her heels in Iraq. The EU has cash. Great Britain and France wield UN vetos.

Russia's been dissed once with Iraq - ending up burned for supporting a dictator whose regime was changed in 20 days. A remixed version with the Islamic Republic may be the same - a newly liberated country whose folks will not be too concerned about upholding deals negotiated with foreign supporters of their former despots.

All this is freaking the Mullahs out. The Islamic Republic's decepticon lotto is in question.
The Great Satan's counterparts in the Islamic Republic's Diplomatic corps are frantic with a surging haj of their own.

At an especial meeting in Tehran, China's brand new Foreign Minister issues statements with sincere blocs of insincerity:

"China stands for the maintenance of the international non-proliferation system
and supports a peaceful solution to Iran's nuclear issue through diplomatic
China may be the only veto Iran can count on when the Great Satan presents data from Allies and the IAEA to the UN Security Council. That's a big IF.

The Great Satan's multi lateral diplomatic jihad is in high gear.

And it is wickedly brilliant, to put before the public new findings on Iran’s nuclear secrets, drawn from data gathered by the IAEA, Russia, France, Germany and Israel, and use the PR
as another vice fulcrum to push hard for unsustainable international sanctions.

The UN will have to act out or back out. Iran is running out of friends.

The Great Satan sees the globe right there.


Vox Populi said...

wow. love your place and your words.
I'll be BOCK. (sorry blazingly behind today this deserves better commentary )

Right Truth said...

Another great one, Great Satan's Girlfriend. Things are not looking good for Iran.

Right Truth

AmPowerBlog said...

I saw the Chinese FM's quote in LAT. Yeah, right! Everything's under control!

You're right though: "All this is freaking the Mullahs out."

I'm keeping my eyes peeled. Bolton will be vindicated!

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Someone in Australia appreciates your adding a certain blog to GrEaT sAtAn'S iNtElLiGeNtSiA.

Thanx and will call in occasionally...

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Than you vox - I try to knock 3 a week sometimes more.

Debbie, I have been amazed at how the Admin is getting this absolutely right - using smiles, cash and the world famous cruise missile to end the mullah's rule.

Dr Douglas China has a lot at stake here with America being their largest consumer.

'Merican Interests - creating links is not my forte - I hope to have an awesome linky thingy soon - thanks for swinging by. Australia and America have several things in common - especially that frontier pioneering spirit which relied on self reliance to build an awesome nation.

Tapline said...

GSG, first time visitor. Great post originality at it's best. Keep up the excellent analysis. ....stay well.....