Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Great Britain's Iran War Coalition

"Oh! Albion remains...Sleeping now to rise again...Yeah!" 

May such a delightful litt1e 10 minute ditty be segued into a soundtrack for events au courant?

"Ello Luv! 

Great Britain's Daemoneoconic kindred spirit and Uncle Tony fan LOLS all the bloody L about getting not fully crunk with the military option on oath breaking Persia's Preacher Command

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Instead, let’s ask ourselves what the practical implications would be if the Stop the War coalition won. If David Cameron and Barack Obama and Ban Ki-moon stood up in unison and said, “under no circumstances will we attack Iran”. The sabres were sheathed. The nudges and winks ceased. The Iranians were formally informed that whatever machines of infernal damnation they chose to construct, the could do so free from any risk of a military response.

The world would be safer? The middle east more stable? The families of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv able to sleep more soundly in their beds?

Syria does not to me seem a more tranquil place now we know the world has no intention of intervening to halt the internal repression that has so far lead to the deaths of 4,000 people. Nor, in fact, does the world’s muted response to the brutal crackdown following the 2009-2010 Iranian presidential elections appear to have encouraged liberalisation of that regime.

The military option is always a terrible one. But to remove it unilaterally from the table will not reduce the danger we face. It will increase it.

The Stop the War coalition is winning. We need a Start the War coalition.
 Peace demands it.
Pic - "When in doubt - knock 'em out"


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