Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hiz'B'Allah's Syrian WMD Hook Up

Divine Victory!!

Long time friends of the teeter tottering totally illegit Allawicious regime in Basharopolis, the coked up rowdy rocket rich rejectionists led by their overtly robust (girthy) creepy Body Part Collector General may get their bloody mits on Syria's chemical weaponry. If (or when) Dr General President for Life al Assad's gov collapses. 

Check it.
The driving motivation behind Syria's CW program has been the need to find a way to balance Little Satan's growing conventional warfare capabilities. During the 1980s and 1990s, the differences in the relative capabilities of the two countries rapidly widened, leaving Syria in a position of heightened vulnerability.
The key dilemma facing Syria has been the need to develop and maintain a credible threat while not being so threatening as to trigger a Little Satan attack, which would expose Syria's inadequate conventional forces to the risk of severe defeat. In this regard, Syria has found it advantageous to adopt an opaque policy, not unlike Little Satan's nuclear policy, in which it neither confirms nor denies the existence of chemical weapons even as it continues to deploy and improve them.
Syria is currently believed to deploy between 100 and 200 Scud missiles fitted with sarin warheads. Some of these missiles may be fitted with V-agent warheads although this information is less reliable. In addition, Syria is believed to have stockpiled several hundred tons of sarin and mustard agents for tactical uses in the form of artillery shells and air-dropped munitions. Syria retains its production infrastructure of at least three and possibly four facilities; however, it is not known whether these are currently being used to produce new agent.
And all that was in the Before Time - when Arab Spring was LOL'd by Bashar as being impossible to get fully crunk in ye olde Suriya al- Kubra. And fiddling about with WMD was a very very sharp and shiny shiny two edged sword 
A military capability that was established to enhance national security through its deterrent effect, now endangers it, by threatening to attract the wrath of Syria's enemies. Although abandoning these programs might actually improve national security, too much has been invested in the combined missile and CW arsenals to easily surrender them, the more so given the critical role they play in Syria's national strategy.
Yet would hoarding chemicalicious WMD be a cursed blessing in the hands of a semi non state actor outer like the Posse of "llah?

Little Satan's spy guy gives up hot deets to Sexy Beast about righteous concerns
“The danger is that the situation in Syria will deteriorate to a point where there will be an absence of an orderly transfer of authority from one power base to another. In this kind of situation, the immediate danger is that concentrations of weaponry, including chemical weapons, will fall into HizBAllah’s hands"
Scary scary! 

Yes, yes and yes - long time bringer uppers of caveats "bout terrorists hooking up with nation state crafted WMD have been LOL'd - yet even 42 recently hello'd that very scenario keeps him up at night. 
"What I think would happen is if you have all this and then you give it to a terrorist group and they have a series of suitcase bombs that could terrify and paralyze the world without creating a nuclear cloud over J"Salem. It's really a deeply troubling thing"
And in the "Hey Ya'll! Watch this!!" moments of regime collapse and regime change - who can say if Bashar Bay Bee wouldn't say the heck with it - and fire off wads of rockets at Little Satan, Kurds or Arab League cats that dissed his power to death? Or hand them off to Hiz"B"Allah?

As Deputy Cat @ Center for Nonproliferation Studies muses:
“We don’t know where everything is, and there’s no obvious way to destroy these things or parachute teams in to intercept them. It would be a very big enterprise. It’s not clear if the soldiers protecting these sites would see responsible stewardship as their mission or would flee, fearing they would be condemned along with the rest of the regime 

Pic - "It would seem illogical to think that Pentagon has not brainstormed contingency plans"