Monday, December 5, 2011


Dominion of the successor!

No surprise - the preacher posse did the ballot box in smashing fashion

See, in those newly trashed sec sec secular despotries that got all Arab Sprang"d - only the m"sk and the soccer stadiums were prett much the only spots where cats could hook up in large numbers and let off steam via heated jawflapping sans secret police hauling cats off for secret prisons, secret trials and secret executions.

As the best org'd - with legit anti regime bona fides - the preacher fans have scored big avec free, fair and open elections  on or about sunny sunni Suez in Aegypt, Morroco and Tunisia.
Welcome to the age of "Political m"Hammedism", which may prove to be one of the most lasting legacies of the Arab spring. It is not only in Egypt that an unprecedented "Slamist political moment is playing out. In the recent Tunisian elections the moderate Ennahda was the biggest winner, while Morocco has elected its first "Slamist prime minister, Abdelilah Benkirane.
 With Libya and Yemen in the wings - seems semi sorta likely that Polislam will dominate the ME 

The quiz is  - now what? 

Will Arab Spring become an Anti Girl, Anti Xian Spring? Will pious intolerance flame up and out of control? How well can various preacher fanboys do problem solving, Writ of state or even keeping the trash picked up? Will things actually get more better - like in Aegypt?
"The short 90-year history of independent Egypt is that it got worse. Mubarak’s Egypt was worse than King Farouk’s Egypt, and what follows from last week’s vote will be worse still. If you’re a Westernized urban woman, a Coptic Christian, or an Israeli diplomat with the goons pounding the doors of your embassy, you already know that."

Or Arab Winter?
Where old regimes survive, they will be weak; where new ones come in, they will be weaker, because old institutions can be destroyed more quickly than new ones can be built. Both new and old leaders must play to public opinion, and this may lead to rash, incoherent foreign policies, as politicians make campaign promises that are not in their countries’ interests to fulfill.
 Consider - failed nat'lism escorted in Polislam - yet will it not become unlike the failed despotries they replaced?

It is possible, of course, that their experiment of reconciling "Slamic principles with modern statecraft and globalized economies will fail. It may even result in religious tyrannies and the exodus of secular and liberal elites.
“Our arab people, of every nation, struggle for the restoration of their basic rights, liberty, and sovereignty. But we do not have sufficient experience with democracy … We fight and overthrow dictators, but not dictatorship itself.”  
One election does not a democrazy make
"The political  m"Hammedists wanted to know: Would the Americans allow them to run in free elections, even if it meant they might come to power? 

The Americans turned the question back at them: Would the political m"Hammedists, if they won, allow free and democratic elections, even if it might mean losing power?

Building elected coalitions ala parliamentary politics - like Aegypt with the Salafists for example - will be a trip!

Pic - "We vow here to fight until the last drop of our blood. We can't do it now, but we will win the elections, unite the people, strengthen our army and prepare the hearts and minds of the soldiers so that we will be able to go to war against Little Satan."