Monday, October 22, 2012

Austere Challenge 2012

Unsexyfully nom d"guerr"d perhaps, the most biggest ev Military Hook Up betwixt both Little and Great Satan kick off this week!

Actually part of a series of "purely defensive" (dang it) military chicanery with especial emphasis on Little Satan"s rocket rich Near Abroad.
Little Satan"s Arrow 2 and Iron Dome missile-defense systems will also play a role in the exercise, as will David’s Sling, a newer interceptor designed to tackle medium-range rockets and missiles. The exercise will mostly be based on computer simulations, but it will also include a live-fire exercise.


AC 2012 may also include fakebelive attacks via turf like likely Sinai and Lebanonese rocket sites to take out rowdy rejectionist rocketeers 
Great and Little Satan will work as a team to prepare for the possibility of rockets, mortar rounds, and short-range and long-range ballistic missiles fired from multiple fronts. 

Pic - "“It’s about military teamwork." "


Anonymous said...

Fuck Israel-and it will be in the not-long term,either.

Sara Noble said...

God bless Israel.

Anonymous said...