Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Will Girl Power Save Pakistan?

 Nishan - e - Haider!

 Global 1st glancers could be forgiven for thinking at 1st glance that Land of the Pure's nation/state motto is  "Hey y'all! Watch this!" 

Aside from enjoying an amazingly underwhelming lit rate of 49%, Pakistan is sweetly poised to leap way ahead of Great Britain in the number of weaponry available for deployment and detonation as the world's 5th largest new clear power  
Pakistanis have united in outrage over the Taliban's attack on 14yo girl. Malala Yousafzai, campaigned for girls' education and became a prominent symbol of defiance against 7th century m"hammedist autocrazy. Gunmen boarded a school bus, asked for Malala by name, and shot her in the head (she is in critical condition). A Pakistani Taliban spokesman defended the attack, justifying it because Malala was promoting "enlightened moderation." He said they would attack her again if she recovered.

Will this atrocity finally push Pakistan's military and ISI intelligence agency to reject the militancy that pervades the country? Will Pakistan's leaders acknowledge they can't fight certain Taliban groups while providing a haven for other groups that are useful tools against their archenemy, India?

Is Malala's sacrifice is enough to wake the country to the threat it faces? Pakistani  religious parties, while denouncing the attack on Malala, have not condemned the Taliban by name. Nor has Imran Khan, who offered to pay for Malala's medical care but who still talks of deals with the militants.

Pakistan's top general rushed to Malala's bedside. But Pakistan still harbors the Afghan Taliban leaders who are responsible for the death of many thousands of civilians and want to take over Afghanistan after Great Satan splits the AO. And Pakistan harbors terrorist groups that murder Pakistani Shiites, Ahmadis, and Xians

Pic - "One person with courage is a majority”