Thursday, October 18, 2012

Collapse Of Autocrazies?

Are Collectivist China and Commonwealth Russia nearing their expiration dates?

Specifically - their ancient corrupt autocrazies are battling Fun and Free Choice, suffocating corruption versus command and control economies thatare creating a steady cadre of uber savvy kids that are educated, worldly connectioned and desireous of chiz that may not put the state 1st in each and any endeavour.

See, since the last millennium
 China and Russia have been constants in the world. They have been autocratic, resistant to the spread of freedom, occasionally belligerent toward their neighbors, and increasingly prosperous. They have consistently joined together in order to block Western initiatives in the UN Security Council and to defend dictatorships like Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

The two countries have created the illusion of durability. Vladimir Putin has just begun a six-year presidential term, with an option for another. Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao are planning to hand over power in October to a new tandem, Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, who are expected to serve for ten years.  

Yet the evidence is growing that the apparent stability in Russia and China is untenable. For similar reasons, the two states have exhausted their current political and economic systems. Their rulers have grown rigid and are mired in corruption. 

Both their political elites and their average citizens are growing visibly restless. In the next decade, it is likely that one or both of these global powers will undergo an economic crisis and a dramatic political transformation. 

When and how it will happen is the most important “known unknown” that Great Satan and Free World will face

It's a wonder they are still around - even tho from like the Thin Lizzy era up til the new millennium - 1/2 the world's unfree, unfun dicts got the old heave.

How longer can certain elements remain in power? How do despotries defy the Universal Values of the Human Spirit?

Pic - "Darling Leader"