Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Satan"s Sudan Raid

Kheil HaAvir!

Little Satan"s recent panty raid on naughtiful weapon factories in Sudan could be seen as a mini dry run for Persia?

During the assassination of senior Hamas cat "Skippy" Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai two years ago, Mossad Agents obtained an original  signed copy of a super secret hookup betwixt Iran and Sudan regarding the manufacture of arms in Sudan under the supervision of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Spoiler Alert! the claim that the target was a factory building Shahab ballistic missiles which were meant for Hamas and other Iranian allies in the region - it is highly improbable that Iran would allow manufacture of its most advanced missile outside its territory and organizations such as Hamas (relations have been portrayed as suck suck sucking recently with Persia recently) and Hiz"B"Allah have no use for a missile with a range of thousands of kilometers. Unless of course they were meant for cats in, oh, say Libya.

2-seater F-15I "Ra'am" fighter-bombers, each carrying two one-ton bombs and accompanied by four additional F-15s providing air-cover in case Sudanese Mig-29 fighters attempted to intercept. Along with the fighters were two CH-53 "Yasur" helicopters carrying teams of IAF search-and-rescue commandos in case air-crew from a downed fighter needed extracting from enemy territory.

The fighters were refueled en-route by a Boeing 707 "Re'em" aerial tanker and a Gulfstream 550 "Shavit" executive, adapted for electronic warfare, jammed the Sudanese radar and air-defense systems. According to the report, the fighters took off from a Negev airbase and flew for four hours over the Red Sea on a round route of 3,900 kilometers.

2 central challenges in the attack were to evade detection by Egyptian radar and air-traffic control in neighboring Djibouti. The jamming and evasive tactics seemed to have worked, as no Sudanese fighters were launched against the attackers.

Officially Little Satan has effectively LOL"d the raid by not saying anything about it. 

Pic - "Roni Z"