Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Lection Day!!

Vote Early! Vote Often!!

Just t"zing

This is it! THE day! 

Enroute to one of several sacred places here in this corner of Hillbillyland, there was no escaping the fact that voting way more than a right.

It is a priviledge.

Trekking thru spots in Great Satan's history where bloody desperate battles were fought in a most uncivilwar between Americans, streets named after combatants from both sides - Longstreet, Wilder, Crittenden, Sherman is an instant time machine that spans American sacrifice through out her admittedly short yet very exciting, rowdy and globe stomping existence.

Voting is the ultimate homage to Americans who stood long watches on ramparts far away. Americans who put their lives on hold to travel far far away to kill our enemies - many never returned - those who did built this awesome nation - uniquely powerful - the only one of her kind!

From Bunker Hill to Midway, from Chickamauga to Marjah the blood shed in sacrifice for ideals greater than self - ideals that changed and challenge the world was not, is not and shall not be shed in vain.

Pic - "Voting is using Force. And Force is Violence - the Supreme Authority - from which all authority is derived."