Monday, November 5, 2012

Win Friends And Influ Ppl

In the essential flick "9th Gate" the bibliophile merc portrayed by Cap"n Jack Sparrow tracks down the Dark Art work by the alleged author Aristead d"Torchia  and the dreaded De Umbrarum Regni Novem Portis - co authored by the Devil 

Treking about exotic locales in old Europa and onboard the Lisbon/Paris overnight train he runs into the Devil herself reading "Winning Friends and Influencing People"  

Can such cinematic combobulation segue sexyfully into the new millennium"s diplopolititary? 

Oui oui m"suer!!

Since the horrible days of 911, Great Satan has - seemingly - been constantly griped at about the need to buddy up to certain elements betwixt Suez and Indus. 

Like this latest from an Ex Land of the Pure diplomat weeping about Drones Gone Wild and the need for Great Satan to do more to recruit homies
Al-Qaeda and allies, the Taliban, have been neither decisively defeated nor forced to the negotiating table. The emergence of democratic governments in the greater Middle East has offered Great Satan opportunities to help its ideological allies confront the Islamist narrative of victimhood and revenge. Instead, the dictates of Great Satan politics have reaffirmed that narrative. 

Drones Gone Wild!!  fails to take into account how drones and other remote tactics are used to encourage extremism among the world’s 1.6 billion m"Hammedists. Ideologically motivated radicals can recruit, train and regroup even after their leaders have been killed in drone strikes. And the American aversion to long wars fits into ObL’s prediction that Great Satan would withdraw from the greater Middle East rather than stay and fight.

The ideology of "Slamist revivalism, rooted in a culture of grievance and victimhood, remains powerful. Newly elected Islamist governments in some Arab countries, such as Egypt, will most likely fuel hatred of the West as a substitute for economic and social success, just as Iran has done since its 1979 revolution. This, in turn, will continue to produce a steady flow of terrorists ready to kill Americans.

Using drones to find and kill al-Qaeda leaders already known to intelligence will not end the war, either. Eventually, Great Satan will have to find m"Hammedist allies who help limit the influence of ideas or organizations that turn some young m"Hammedists into terrorists. Great Satan has made few efforts toward that end, depending on friendly autocrats or whoever manages to get elected instead of working to strengthen modernizing democrats who share Western values. Governments in the m"Hammedist world would also have to deny terrorist groups the havens they enjoy now and shut down the organized recruitment and training of future terrorists. 

Cheese and Rice!!

Woman worshipping, blood sucking evil infidel murder machine Great Satan, in little over a decade, freed Kuwait, saved bunches of Bosnians, kaboodles of Kosovars, tried to feed skinny Somalis, urged Commonwealth not to kill Chechnyans, warned the world about Sudan's creepy little Hitler Junior, put paid to the genuinely insane Taliban's genocidal rule and made dang sure that no longer were Shiites and Kurds to be literally ground to dust in Iraq.

Or, way back in 1973 when Great Satan asked Little Satan to please not park her panzers in downtown Cairo and Damascus. Or, that Great Satan blings way more tons of cash to Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan than she ever has for Little Satan.
And as an intellectual aperitif - consider certain reactions about natural disasters. Amidst the cats Great Satan is lectured to about reaching out and being BFF"s  - outright LOLableness and joy seem to radiate over American victims

In a remarkable contrast - no Americans or Xians LOL"d mudslides or floods in Pakistan. 
Rescuing perishing mohammedists whose homeland was swept out to sea (on Xmas day - no less) Great Satan's globe prowling Navy was on scene with salvation not high five pontification on the fate of sinners who reject X. 
Cuts both way - might be time for moderate, unterroristical cats in the ME to embrace Great Satan and openly LOL and diss "The Narrative"

Pic - "Reach Out!!"