Friday, November 30, 2012

Non Member Observer State

What time is it kids?

Palestine Time!

The twin Palestines (West Bank and the Strip) scored a significant coup at the UN, magically xforming into something something Non Member Observer State

A status that falls well short of independence but provides Palestinians with limited privileges as a state, including the right to join the International Criminal Court and other international treaty bodies. 

 UN defines as
“The status of a Permanent Observer is based purely on practice, and there are no provisions for it in the United Nations Charter. The practice dates from 1946, when the Secretary-General accepted the designation of the Swiss Government as a Permanent Observer to the United Nations.”
Current Non-member observers at U.N. include the Vatican which is labeled by the U.N. as a state and “Palestine,” as an entity. The Palestine Observer Mission is run by the Palestinian Liberation Organization. International Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with non-member observer status include the European Union, the Arab League and many many other organizations.

Funnily enough, the entire concept of non-member observers has no bearing on international law.

Or does it?

While the concept of HAMAS of Fatah dragging Little Satan to the ICC for War Crimes chiz is totally jank - the sword has two edges!

Little Satan could drag HAMAS and/or Fatah to the ICC for War Crimes. Like, oh, say human shielding for rowdy rocketeers and missile bases.

Pic - "Envisioned?"




Rob said...

Israel could not drag Hamas to the ICC. Like America, Israel does not recognize the ICC's jurisdiction.

Aside from a lot of third world sinkholes,the chief countries that recognize the ICC are in Europe.

What we're really talking here is lawfare before a kangaroo court that will put out international arrest warrants on IDF soldiers and Israeli pols, with the idea of demonizing and isolating Israel as a political weapon.