Friday, November 16, 2012

Operation Pillar of Defense

LOL!! The ironic ironry!

Oh, it is so!

Little Satan gets down right mean and naughty on her Stripalicious Near Abroad mainly because - she can!

Palestine (the Preacher Command Strip Part anywrought) has totally stepped on it
l"Strip has been 100% Judenrein for seven years. Her border with the evil Zioneoconazi Little Satan is clear and uncontested. If her Hamas-led government wanted to turn the territory into something resembling a normal, sovereign entity, all she hadda do is renounce terrorism against Little Satan (and Egypt, for that matter), recog Little Satan, and petition for entry into the community of civilized nations.

Instead, Hamas has built a cult of death and martyrdom. As a result, innocent Palestinians suffer an isolated existence under the closure policy that Little Satan has (justifiably) imposed on the territory in a bid to prevent terrorist attacks.

Use to, Palestinians could count on a massive wave of international outrage whenever Little Satantook steps to defend herself. But that is not the case anymore. Thanks to the Arab Spring, Western foreign policy pundits have moved on to other subjects. The “Boat for Gaza” and other NGO stunts have come to seem like tired, irrelevant shtick in a part of the world where over 30,000 Syrians have died in that country’s civil war. Meanwhile, Gaza itself has lost almost all of her foreign correspondents, many of whom saw their colleagues intimidated or brutalized by slamic thugs.

Thus - this is the perfect time for Little Satan to redo Cast Lead and no one is able to do anything about it. Indeed, Aegypt's threats of war are  - frankly - boring. Aegypt cannot even impose Writ of State on Sinai or stop bloodshed next door in Libya - Let alone sortee illiterate conscripts to the Strip to fight for terroristical creeps that have allowed their sour mouthings to overhaul their assets. 

Pic - "This is a resonant military action, far beyond the amplitude of the friction"