Thursday, October 10, 2013

China Does Taiwan In 2020

Shi Lang!

Great Satan's democrazy little sister Taiwan's Ministry of Defense just dropped her annual Defense Report thingy (English Version coming soon) and it looks prett scary!

"In the future, the Chinese military will continue focusing on further integration of its military units, with the expectation that it will be able to resist foreign forces' intervention in any attack on Taiwan"

"Over the long-term, it will be wholly sufficient to engage in a war over Taiwan by 2020."


People's Liberation Army (PLA) has been actively engaged in modernizing its armed forces by deploying new weapons to ramp up its combat capabilities needed to launch an all-out attack on Taiwan by 2020, said in the 2013 National Defense Report released by the MND yesterday.  
 The number of missiles stationed on China's southeastern coast targeting Taiwan has also grown steadily to over 1,400, showing that Beijing has never renounced the use of force against Taiwan to prevent it from declaring independence, despite thawing cross-strait ties.   
Meanwhile, the growing cross-strait military imbalance continues to shift in Beijing's favor.    
According to the latest defense white paper, China's military spending is approximately 10 times Taiwan's annually, and the PLA's soldiers reportedly number local servicemen by nearly 10 times.   
Beijing now has 2.27 million soldiers and spends up to US$116 billion on military expenditures this year. Taiwan currently has 240,000 soldiers and its defense budget is only around US$10 billion this year.

No doubt a pre emption of 44's much celebrated (and much LOL'd) PACRIM Pivot by those hegemonic hegemony mongerers in the Collectivist PLA.

Would PLA even consider a real life pre emption with a military strike to prevent Great Satan from honoring defense deals cut in good faith?

So let us broadly consider for a moment that China does decide to strike: how would America respond? In a word: robustly.

Americans might not be able to do things like draw up budgets on time, or not come perilously close to defaulting on the national debt, but one thing China can count on is that Americans will rally around the good old red, white and blue in times of national emergency, especially when attacked by a foreign power
Pic -  "China’s energy dilemma could be her Achilles’ heel - and she knows it!"


sykes.1 said...

Unfortunately, the US would do nothing if China invaded Taiwan. Frankly, we might do nothing if China invaded Okinawa or the Philippines. And 2020 is too far away. Their best chance of success in Taiwan is while Obarmy is still President, so expect something by 2016.