Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Drones Of Autumn

UN's Especial Rapporteur (a distinct spoken word poetry performed in time to a beat) Ben Emmerson, just whee leased his especial rap about How Great Satan is Ruining the World

Like most uninformed Peace Mongers, it's 3 Conclusions are chock full of unserious silliness and uninformed handwringing, nigh guaranteed to bore your britches off.

1st off - Pakistan Sovereignity.

Yeah - what a dang shame! For what ever reasons, Land of the Pure cannot or will not (often the same thing considering the ISS, nicht wahr?)  enforce Writ of State. 

That concept - admittedly a Wicked Women Worshipping Western Westphalian idea - simply means the State holds the monopoly on violence. Places like Yemen or Pakistan are inviting drones to come in and take care of biz by their inability to clear out the trash.

The Sovereignity dodgeis an ancient played out meme and only ancient played out players would even try to play it out

Another bit of inappropriate drone hating surfaces with the Great Satan Degrades Humanitarian Norms idea.

UN Rapper says "in any case in which civilians have been, or appear to have been, killed, the State responsible is under an obligation to conduct a prompt, independent and impartial fact-finding inquiry and to provide a detailed public explanation.”

Oh really? Drones Gone Wild actually decrease innocent casualities, mon rapportuer. Which funnily enough, the report LOLs it's own worries - “Remotely piloted aircraft are capable of reducing the risk of civilian casualties in armed conflict by significantly improving the situational awareness of military commanders.”

The final incorrect conclusion of UN is that Military Force may be illegal to combat Terrorism.

“there is . . . considerable doubt as to whether the various armed groups operating under the name of Al-Qaida . . . share an integrated command structure or mount joint military operations.” 

Thus Great Satan's Drone Program is way too heavy handed.

“the lapse of time since the devastating attacks on the United States in 2001, and the relative infrequency of organized armed attacks on the United States since then . . . the intensity criterion is no longer met.”

In war time - the initiative is held by one side, currently Great Satan - and she determines the intensity.

Pic - "And now Amnesty Internat'l presents their devastating report documenting 29 Civilian Deaths in 3 Years of Drones Gone Wild!"