Friday, October 25, 2013

Deutschland Kampfen

"I love Germany so much I am glad there are two of them!"

Last millennium's Fear of a Rehooked up Deutschland may be passe'

Without new clear weaponry, power projecting air craft carriers, or a military base abroad, Deutschland has won the 100 year German Wars started in 1914 by the Hoch Kaiser and then refired up via 3rd Reich. Defeated twice militarily, now she ist der seig mein schatzen!! 

Und now, Great Britain's Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has called on Germany to play a more active role in global military affairs, as Germany’s “historic reluctance” to engage in global military action was now hampering her international importance.

“Germany has huge potential to deliver more usable firepower to the (NATO) alliance. When we look around Europe, I don’t think there would be many of our European allies who fear Germany from a military point of view or as a security threat.”

“(It is about) a willingness to pick up the burdens that go with having a globally important economy… Germany recognising that it can’t continue to be the dominant economy in Europe without also significantly increasing its military capability,

Hammond says he want Berlin to “significantly increase its military capability” and praised the “huge strides” the country had already taken to end conscription and create smaller, more professional armed forces.

“I detect a determination that Germany’s role in NATO should continue to normalise. It intends to become a more significant player.”
Pic - "Die Bundeswehr ist eine Armee im Einsatz, Leibchen!!