Friday, October 11, 2013

Open Letter To Def Sec Hagel

Dear Defense Secretary Hagel,
Thanks very for all your service to Great Satan - for your  especially shedding blood - not once  - yet twice - earning the Purple Heart. And the highly prestigious and hard earned Combat Infantry Badge as an NCO during the Vietnam Expedition.

Thus, it's with a heavy heart that the recent unbelievable, uncool, unreal - and ungodly unAmerican chiz bout leafing American families of American fallen in combat in extremis - well, decorum prohibs saying it out loud

Yessir, of all gigs in Great Satan's history - being the Def Sec au courrant has got to be at the top of the list. And the shocking thing about the recent FUBAR is simply like a paradoxical paradigm of an unimaginable paradox

Either ye had zero clue about the blatant political hackism or knew full well. Truly sir, which is worse, you know?

Please unAss and resign your position as Great Satan's Secretary of Defense right now.


Pic - "Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership"