Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mission Action 2013


Collectivist China cranks out another Military Ex - called - you guessed it - Mission Action 2013:

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has dispatched fighters, bombers, scouts and aero-transport aircrafts for the exercise involving over 10,000 personnel.

The PLA has over 2.3 million personnel in its Army, Air Force and Navy, making it the world’s biggest defence force.

In the current exercise, the Air Force will collaborate with naval aviation forces, naval ships and land troops to conduct far-distance manoeuvres, joint air defence, air confrontation and joint aid in strange terrains and war environments.

‘Mission Action 2013’ is part of the annual military training plan approved by the Central Military Commission.

Ahead of the exercises, Chinese Defence Minister General Chang Wanquan called for a national defence mobilisation system that meets the needs of both emergency response and war preparation.

The current military exercise, involving over 40,000 troops, was aimed at testing the logistic ability of the army to move soldiers and machinery for long distances in war time conditions.

“The defence mobilisation system would serve civilians in peaceful times and respond to emergencies and possible wars.

The country should make concrete moves towards a defence mobilisation system so that it can be well prepared for possible conflicts in the future and new circumstances”
Pic - "Assassin's Mace"