Friday, July 18, 2014

China's Biggest Threat

The world's most biggest Collectivist Mommieland faces a real threat.

Great Satan hooking up with Nippon, SoKo, Philippines, Viet Nam and Taiwan?

Whale, maybe - one day LOL.

Yet for now - right now - Red China military is being threatened by the big C...

Nowhere else has corruption become as much a national security priority as in China. General Liu Yuan, political commissar of the PLA’s General Logistics Department, which services the 2.3-million-strong PLA, delivered a fiery speech before his department in 2012 criticizing the unchecked mentality of "malignant individualism” that beset the PLA. Officers openly sold their services at “clearly marked prices,” followed orders only suiting their professional interests, purchased promotions, and blackmailed CCP leaders.

While actual numbers are unattainable, corruption has become so profuse that some experts consider it a conservative estimate to assume that even 10 percent of procurement contracts and administrative spending—accounting for 0.65% of China’s $8.27 trillion GDP—are used as kickbacks or bribes, if not simply stolen!

On the one hand, greater civilian participation and transparency in the military would send a positive signal to the U.S. and Japan about their intentions to democratize, in addition to opening channels for mutual understanding, information sharing, and dialogue.

On the other hand, further indictments without reforming an institution permissive of corruption will undoubtedly cause China’s military to atrophy over time, if not implode from domestic protest.

That’s a scenario that could prove dangerous not only for Beijing, but also the rest of the globe.

Pic - "Probable future course of military-technological development of the People’s Liberation Army  and probable development of Chinese security strategy and military strategy and operational concepts supporting such development over the next 20 years. "