Tuesday, July 22, 2014


As Little Satan grinds up HAMAS in a grinding attrition close quarters battle in the Strip's Shijaiyah neighborhood - the olde chiz about Little Satan again scoring a tactical vicory orver a strategic victory certainly comes to mind.

Only it may be the other way around.  

Seems all those Invasion Tunnels from the Strip into Little Satan proper has been a game changer.

What if Little Satan plans on driving HAMAS out of Dodge and out of biz, then sticking around to plant a tolerant egalitarian style democracy?

Regime Changing they calls it!

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, one of the coalition government’s hard-liners and a former company commander of special forces, said, “There is a world of weapons tunnels penetrating into Israel, creating the possibility of a mega-attack, do not rule out the goal of toppling the Hamas regime”
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