Monday, July 7, 2014

Drones Gone Wilder!


Stimson Center Something Something has unleased a provacative PDf about Drones Gone Wilder

Easy to believe Great Satan's Drones Gone Wild is like a silver bullet you know? Sweetly buzzing about on location for hours, patiently awaiting the moment to pounce and no chance of losing military cats in the process. Awesome!

Yet, inappropriate handwringers have often decried Drones Gone Wild with imposs to verify tales bout millions of children and innocents getting vaporized along with assorted creeps, jerks and killers.

Oh The Humanity!!

Consider how those drone strikes appear if you are an ordinary civilian in, say, northwestern Pakistan. Members of Al Qaeda are fair game, of course, but what are their neighbors and cousins and grocery suppliers to do? And if something goes awry, there's no one to complain to; the CIA doesn't have a customer service desk, and the government of Pakistan claims (falsely, in most cases) that it has no control over foreign missile strikes.
Yeah. What a dang shame.

Especially for enemy enablers, sympathizers and actualizers.

It's also called a triple win sitch

Pic - "Targeted Killings"