Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Coming Iran Saudi War

Well, see - it's complicated.

On or about August 16th 2014 1630 local time, two Royal Saudi Air Force F 16 fighter jets intercept and shoot down 6 new Iraqi Sukhoi 25 ground attack jets enroute to attack in the 2nd Battle of Tikrit.

As the New Caliphate absorbs turf in hand and cuts deals with sunnilicious tribal cats their advance on the shiafied bits of Iraq could be fighting to a stalemate of sorts. Hot gossip that Commonwealth Russia is like gon give up Frogfoots (the Russian version of an A 10)to beleagured Bahgdad as Suriya al Kubra and Persian Pasdaran intervene to shore up al Maliki's shaky gov, paints a pic of a way more bigger war to come.

If the anti ISIS coalition starts turning the Caliphates roads and supply lines into a Sunni Highway of Death, Royal Whahabbi Arabia could step up with an intervening intervention.

If ISIS really goes bold and starts seizing Jordan border crossings and turf

Imagine a time in the not-too-distant future when the Islamic State that ISIS seeks to establish or its failed-state doppelgänger has had some time to take root, acquire further assets, and start picking at the Jordanian border, perhaps from Iraq and Syria simultaneously. Without saying such an incursion is even likely, simply consider its consequences.

How far into Jordan would an ISIS incursion have to go before alarms went off in Washington, Riyad and Tel Aviv?

Pic - "Disaffection, desertion, disobedience, and public mistrust plague Iraq's military"


Sara Noble said...

Jordan's in big trouble if they're counting on us.

Bookworm said...

Anyone who counts on the United States of Obama is in big trouble.