Thursday, July 3, 2014

NoKo Military Report 2014


Since way back in the Before Time the world has been magically blessed with 2 Koreas -
the yankee part is little more than a starving, slave trading underground rocket factory with an unfree, unfun new clear weaponized nation state attached.

And now Pentagon just unleashed the 2014 Tell All PDF'ing about NoKo's Military chiz

Money Shots:

Forced to make do without traditional weaponry, North Korea is expanding her "asymmetric" forces, including nuclear weapons, commandos, and hackers, the report concludes.

The Pentagon is remarkably downbeat on the state of North Korean conventional forces — to the point of being dismissive and repeatedly referring to the North Korea People's Army as "antiquated" and "outdated."

While the report notes newly identified NKPA tanks, artillery, and other panzerlicious vehiculars, it doesn't even bother going into detail. This suggests Great Satan doesn't think much of the new vehicles' potential to shift the balance of power on the ground.

The North Korean air force gets slightly more attention. The report notes that the air arm hasn't received any new fighter planes in 15 years, when it purchased decades-old used MiG-21s from Kazakhstan.

The Pentagon is equally unimpressed with Pyongyang's apparent new surface-to-air missiles, which are outwardly similar to Russian S-300s and Chinese HQ-9s.
Swarms of mini subs, cyber attacks and especial commando ops along with her New Clear capable rocketeering aside - NoKo's new asymmetric military posture reflects economic realities.

Impoverished Pyongyang has no choice but to get creative.

Regime survival has overtaken the strategery bout Koreunification of the peninsula
Pic - "조선인민군"