Friday, February 22, 2008

The Audacity Of Victory

Disaster, quagmire, catastrophe, failure. Like witches cackling about a bubbly cauldron, critics and critiques enchant and re enchant a totally cursed cacophony. A pox on Pax Americana, defeat, retreat and repeat.

Such inappropiate (and boring) wickedness summoned something more than shades, spectres and hissing dissing daemoneocon denounciations.

It also requires a retarded redux more see through than Lindsay's see through Marilyn redux.

Decorated ex Combat historian and all around America Rocks y'all! PHD Bevin Alexander prophesied that chairborne handwringers, ex and future (maybe?) policy makers, are either educated doofuses, in heat with defeat or (even worse) - academic deceivers

"Many critics of American foreign policy - both at home and abroad - assert
that the United States has overextended herself unnecessarily in other
nations affairs. Some liberal critcs even chastise the United States for
becoming an "Imperial Power."

These criticisms are completely off the mark. Those who worry about America's projection of power are overlooking how America got to the position she occupies at this moment in history: the world's dominant political and military, the only nation that will actually go into the world and strike down evil."

This is significant. For Great Satan, "National Interest" is not a 'geo mapi - graphical' phrase (well maybe for trade and enviro regulating) it is global. Tiny and small nations might appropiately feel that their nat'l interest begin and end at the border. Natch, their foreign policy would most likely be defensive only.

A larger nation has more extensive interests - by design. Like Soviet Union time Russia and Great Satan today - collective ID is ideological, big boys have ideological interests in addition to purely materialistic concerns.

Sans something weird and unheard of, Great Satan will always feel bound and obliged to defend any democracy under the gun from unfree, unhinged and undemocratic threats - external or internal. Kinda like the Euro escapade in both world wars.

Same thing with Japan, SoKo, Taiwan or Little Satan today. When geopolitical best girl friends forever are under attack - the claws come out. Nothing magic about it.

Fact is, the Great Satan's 30 years in the future military is super superior (and some are in denial about this - which says more about their world views than anything else) to any imaginable combination that could be arrayed against her. This wasn't an evil plot by pre emptive, preventive plotters.

It came with the turf. Just lucky - bad or good - Great Satan racked up one heck of a military biz during the half century since WWII time Deutschland and Nippon gave up fascist and imperial ghosts and succumbed to Regime Changes.

While Europa rebuilt, recovered and rehabbed, Warsaw Pact time Russia laid out of real combat (except for losing their hide in Afghanistan) and used Soviet homies and local fanboys to do the fighting.

Not Great Satan! She was involved with combat ops nearly everywhere. Korea, Greece, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dominican Repub, El Salvador, Grenada, Lebanon, Libya, Panama, Kuwait, Somalia, Kosovo, the Balkans, Afghanistan and of course, her latest regime change - Iraq.

When Russia tried to put down Grozny the 1st time in the Commonwealth era - it was horribly embarrassing. - like catching a longtime Gf hooking up with a guy that she KNEW you liked.

"The initial attack ended with a major rout of the attacking forces and led to
heavy Russian casualties and nearly a complete breakdown of morale. An
estimated 1,000 to 2,000 federal soldiers died in the disastrous New Year's
Eve assault.

All units of the 131st "Maikop" Motor Rifle Brigade sent into the city,
numbering more than 1,000 men, were destroyed during the 60-hour fight in the
area of the Grozny's central railway station, leaving only about 230 survivors
(1/3 of them captured). Several other Russian armored columns each lost hundreds
of men during the first two days and nights of the siege."

The mighty Red Army quagmired in their own back yard with the first defeat suffered by Russia nearly 51 years to the day. Not since the wicked Wehrmacht desperately delivered a bloody nose at Zhitomir Ukrainia had the Red Army been defeated and retreated.

When an almost identical sitch occured at Ah Nasiriyah in '03 - Great Satan pretty much redecorated the place (in early millenium 'Steel on target' fashion), launched an on the spot counterattack that not only reached temporarily cut off units - but ended up capturing the entire burg.

Half a century of nigh constant confrontation cloned creative combat cadre that would never leave a comrade behind. Armed with the ultimate in Battlefield meds, real time communications and more precise firepower in hand, on hold and on call than panzer prima donna's ever dreamed.

Great Satan blinging for combat stuff rate wise expanded along with America's economic growth - while Euro powers blinged on social programs and refrained from fighting amoungst themselves, cut spending on their militaries and focused on trading and tech.

The Soviet Union spent cash (rubles, actually) at an alarming rate. Mostly wasteful, Mother Russia's military AND economy bashed heads and knocked each other all the way out in collapse.
Magically, after 20 years or so, despite faux school ideas like "imperial decline" Great Satan busted out of her cocoon as uniquely powerful - the only one of Her kind. Meds, science and high tech were off the hook - and generously applied to creating and upgrading everything from electric pencil sharpeners to cruise missiles.

Just like Spider - man, with all this great power came great responsibilities. It's a fact Jack - whether sought after, wanted, welcomed or not.

A lot like the armies of attention attracting sporty shorties at the mall that demand, deflect and encouragingly discourage players.

And, like little hottie drama magnets, Great Satan will find opportunities to use it - or the world will discover opportunities for Great Satan.

Despite faux obits, predictions of defeat, quad quarterly publications of recent event rewrites, realpolitik resurrectionists, and dissing defence of democracy - America's audacity of victory is nigh unstoppable.

Inspired by dR d at AmErIcAn PoWeR


Beaman said...

"in heat with defeat"

I love this! Best line I've seen for months and so bloody true. It should become the formal mantra for Western apologists.

Great post.

Right Truth said...

I loved that line also.

You've outdone yourself on this post girlfriend.

Have a great weekend and do something fun.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Roger W. Gardner said...

Well, I'm with beaman, I too love "in heat with defeat". The only thing is there are so many great lines I couldn't choose just one. But I do love this one: "panzer prima donna's".

There's a good reason why we love you Courtney -- no, many good reasons. But one of them to me is your utter fearlessness. And, if you will, your personal "audacity". You take the English language and mold it to your needs -- if the perfect word or phrase doesn't exist you just invent your own. You keep going at a creative breakneck speed and unlike us old fogeys, you never hesitate and you never stop to look behind you. You just crash headlong into our consciousness at the speed of light and we, your audience, your admirers, are left in breathless wonder of you.

In short, you're just a little better than incredible.

Your steadfast fan,

James Higham said...

The U.S. needs to be a bit careful.

It's not us over here you should fear but China. They are undermining the foundations and their rapid expansion of seaports is interesting.

The Russians are quite worried about them - remember the treaty with Hitler and what followed?

It's the economic collapse which is the worry at home for you guys and if Hillary gets in - not what's happening abroad.

Karen Townsend said...

To say it is not the worries abroad that should concern us, it's the national economy here is ludicrious. The economy is a concern, true, but what do you think would happen if we suffered the next hit in the near future? The brink of recession we are teetering on now can be fixed with guidance internally. The threat abroad is not so easy to safeguard against.

Rock on, Courtney.

Uncle Joe said...

Wow! A lot of reading to do to catch up on this blog. I am looking forward to it.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hey ya'll, here's some commentary from the mailbox. Name withheld by decorum. I'll be in directly to answer all comments on the Audacity of Victory

"You want real conservatism? try,
neo-connned loser. Then go to,
bimbs.Vdare is ok on immigration, but if we spent more
time defending Israel's borders, we won't deserve or
be able to defend our own.

-luckily I'm a traditional America (not
Israel) Firster,babe. So enjoy the no-win quagmire."

Jeff Wills said...

Another fine post by "take no prisoners" Courtney! Enjoyed it.

Shane said...

I am beginning to think that China has not mastered the potential of free market economies to psot a real threat to America - I know that's challenging the conventional wisdom - but whenever China hits a bump in the road they revert to centralization and the heavy hand. China is dependent upon handouts in the long run, and Russia is dwindling in size and power. Saber rattling does not a super power make.

Our focus today has to be on Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia - one for missile envy, the next for its nuclear market and the last for its spreading of extremist Islam.

Court - Love that picture there. Unabashed bravado.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Beaman. Thank you! Yeah, I just don't get why some folks would be so ready to up and quit. Seems like it might solve a lot more probs down the road to see it through in the here and now.

Beaman's site is called Beaman's World - it's on the gReAt BriTaIn links. The guy is formidable - one of the 4 best speakers of the English language - right up there with Sir Winnie, Uncle Tony and Roger W. Gardner.

I've learned a lot about debates from you - thanks so much for coming by.

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Another bang of a post! I was drawn to this line, "Great Satan will find opportunities to use it - or the world will discover opportunities for Great Satan."

The alliance system lead by America is, for all intensive purposes our international security system, one that nurtures peace and prosperity for all nations, indeed for the whole planet. Which other nation or nation collective can give us this.

American knockers peeve me off, c'mon "acknowledge the scorecard: the full spectrum of US hegemony, from its brute military muscle to the soft seduction of American ideas, has been an overwhelming force for good."

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Debbie, thanks for saying that. I think I may have blown my creative creativity for a week or so knocking out the 'Audacities'.

I did have a blast this WE and hopefully - it'll recharge my batts and to keep up. This year is going to be cRaZy!

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

RoGeRbAbE! Hey there! I really really appreciate the kind words - "Utter fearlessness" may be a component of my audacious optimism.

I am blown away that people like what I write or my slant on things. I honestly never thought anyone would notice.

And, I owe you a big hug for the mentorship that you have graciously given to me. If you hadn't convinced me, cajoled me and really been a friend to me - I prob never would have got started.

Thank you is not a big enough word.

Roger is a real wordsmith - the guy just writes like no one else. "Radarsite" is over at the
GrEaT sAtAn'S nEw MeDiA links.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

BEH! Hi, thanks so much for the input. Interesting ideas - which also helps to make my case that constant confrontation and selective intervention would be the best way to marginalize and globalize scary ideas and their penchant for the violent spread of them.

A case could be made that by the time China has the ability to act out over resource rich Siberia - a new, baby democracy and all the internal attention they require will enable China to cut deals for what they need rather than go to war for it.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Karen! Yeah, the 'audacities' really got my BP up there - I think I spent more time editing than creating them.

Being many nations chief customer of imports - it may not be in their nat'l interests to hit us up in the purse or anywhere else.

I mean, who else is gonna spend a billion a year on Hot Wheels and Barbies?

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Uncle Joe, please come back and visit.

Like the sign says

"GsGf is guaranteed to magically transform readers into superior intellectuals, worldly, pious, witty, cool, fun to be with, irresistable, au currant and all together with it. Amaze friends, confound enemies and revel in the envy and righteous respect of peers."

Just teasing!

Thanks for the visit. Come back anytime!

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Jeff! Hey there. Thanks for the praise! Cap Trib has a penchant for not taking any prisoners too!

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Shane, Those are great points about China and Russia - Stratfor recently came out with their forecast and Russia ain't all that. Suffering a neg baby boom plus all the young smart people want to split.

The pic is from 1988 by Winston Smith. It's called 'Pax Americana'

I thought it was awesome - just really seemed to fit.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Otto. Thanks for the heady words. You are right - just like Bevin Alexander - folks have to be almost willfully ignorant or decieved or into decieving to try and rewrite history and current events for their own reasons that tend to have little to do with history or current events.

Perhaps that says more about them than America.

I liked that line too - and it seems like the last 60 years or so proves!

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

OK, for the email person - Thank you very much for the input and the links. Not sure what 'bimbs' mean though I gather your disagreement. I stand by "The Audacity of Victory". It's pretty much about as plain as I can make the case.

Heck, that IS America. Whether we want it or not - look for it or not - it's there.

Little Satan seems well able to take care of herself - yet if she did need help - in a combatty way most Americans would prob have no probs with that. Defending democracies under threat is in a very cool way - the very def of 'America 1st".

There is a quagmire - fair enough. Yet it's not for Great Satan. All enemies of fun, fairness and freedom of choice are up to their necks in it.

Uncle Joe said...

"GsGf is guaranteed to magically transform readers into superior intellectuals, worldly, pious, witty, cool, fun to be with, irresistable, au currant and all together with it. Amaze friends, confound enemies and revel in the envy and righteous respect of peers."

I have noticed the improvement in my personal life already! :)

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

See folks? Uncle Joe proves that GsGf will " ya good and help ya too!"