Saturday, February 2, 2008

"The Bride Was Ravishing"

Congratulations Mr French President! On behalf of Americans everywhere, still glowing about his super cool, event saavy (au currant or historical) pledge of praise, are wishing the very best. Nicholas Sarkozy, aside from winning elections in France (while championing the ideas of America Unbound - no less), buddying up with Great Satan in killing killers, immodest military projections about the globe pushing the new school 'freedom is for everyone' has literally charmed the britches off a super hottie Italian model with legs right up to her neck.

Faster than Napoleon's campaign that knocked out Austria, Russia and their myriad of client principalities in the Austerlitz blitz, Pres Sarkozy continues the history making niche he's slit out by being the 1st Fench pres in historie moderne to wed while in office. Nikki's charm offensive included a trip to the Pyramids and all the right spots re: night spots.

His bride is the luscious talented quadruple threat ( model, singer, songwriter, multi musician) Carla Bruni. While there are a few years diff in their ages (like a dozen or so) Nicholas is living by an age old maxim for leaders - essentially work hard - play hard. France's Pres is suffering a bit of a hit pop wise as some French folks currently think he's taking up a lot of time on personal things in lieu of state. Perhaps in 9 months or so, Carla and Nikki can create a surge of their own with a precious little baby while at the pennacle of French political power.

And that baby would most likely inherit all the good looks and charm of his or her 'rents. As the officiating Mayor of Paris Francois Lebel (looking hot in Comte de Guerre Ensembe for an old guy) said on Radio Europa Channel One

"The bride was wearing white and was ravishing. The bridegroom wasn’t bad