Saturday, February 16, 2008

Douglas Versus Desch

Dr Michael Desch is one of Great Satan's brainiacs - until recently. Formally the foremost authority on civilian control of the military and also street and city fighting army style.

Anyway the thing is - when Fallujah was fixing to go down the 1st time in April 04 - and until it did go down in Nov '04 - Desch was NEVER consulted or referred to, or conferred with.

Ditto Surge.

Obviously dissed about that, Desch fights back with a boring, totally incorrect piece that frankly, decorum does not allow to be repubbed.

The short version is Great Satan should be bound up and refuse to act out even if her own interests are at stake, and the very idea of Great Satan unbound in the new millennium is horrific.


Super fly smart guy Dr Donald Douglas of So Cali and the essential daily "American Power" took up the hissing dissing hissy fit and staked Dr Desch's hair to the floor so tight - the poor guy can't even blink!

"Given the gains that Americans have achieved in Iraq since 2006, the implementation of the Baker plan’s (realist) proposals on the precipitous termination of America’s strategic commitment to Iraq would have been crushing blow to American national security interests, and to the hope of the Iraqi people.

Today, amid the continued denunciations of the Bush administration’s foreign policy among some circles of the progressive foreign policy community, the United States stands on the verge of achieving a key number of the goals the administration set forth in 2003 during the run-up to the invasion and those elaborated in later executive-legislative branch wrangling over the conflict.

Indeed, area studies experts have announced a fundamental and positive transformation of the strategic situation of the Middle East on the eve of the Bush administration’s exit from office.

Desch’s work in "America’s Liberal Illiberalism" marks a serious effort to address the controversial questions surrounding America’s history of democracy promotion in U.S. foreign policy.

Unfortunately, a careful analysis of Desch’s scholarship reveals many of the same exaggerations and distortions common in paleoconservative journalism and antiwar political activism on Iraq.

In his work, badly misspecified in its driving assumptions, Desch fails to provide a comprehensive picture of America’s efforts of democracy promotion in Iraq (there’s nary a footnote of information that would raise flags over his thesis), and thus the research appears to lack the professional norms of non partisan even-handedness that should be the hallmark of rigorous international relations scholarship."

There are tons more stuff that Dr D uses to make the case that Great Satan isn't 'over reacting' and is indeed on solid historical ground.

In fact, Great Satan has been stirrring things up on a global scale since the day she was born.

permission granted by Dr Douglas and AmPow to share choice bits.
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