Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear Diary

Electile dysfunction plagues certain pols who would rather 'burn in oil' than give Great Satan credit for striking down wicked Ba'Athist Iraq, defeating Al Qaeda and turning the M16 into a world famous icon.

"Butcher of Washington, you are not only defeated and a liar, but also a
failure. You are a curse on your nation and you have brought and will bring them
only catastrophes and tragedies"
YAWN. It could have been used by any number of pols, think tank hanks and fellow enemy encouragers.

Actually spoken by defeatist fanboy and supervillan OBL's sidekick the evil Dr Z, it could be interpeted to mean an unhinged personal bond based on a personal unhinged dislike.

Which one of these is not like the other?

Personalities aside, Al Qaeda knows all about 'catastrophies and tragedies.' Unlike certain pols though - Al Qaeda supervillans know exactly what is at stake.

While SOTH Nancy Pelosi was showcasing her risible "The Surge Sucks" on TV, Al Qaeda was showcasing that caliphating in Iraq is as broke and played as any chance of a KFed comeback.

And this demonstrates certain inappropiate handwringers are either fronting deceit about the stakes or, - even worse - total ignorance.

Fact is, Surge proves Great Satan methodically, repeatedly, without mercy or modesty annihilated, marganilized and split AQII out of the A.O. (Area of Operations for defeatists).

Surging in on the gates of Mosul means aside from any murderous mini strikes AQ is finis' as a pseudo military force in the Land between two Rivers.

Al Qaeda left a diary behind and Great Satan broke into it faster than an army of little brothers. It's killer cool to eavesdrop on the wretched ramblings of a defeated enemy.

"The renegades and Americans started launching their attacks to destroy us.We
lost cities, and afterwards villages, and the desert became a dangerous refuge.
We got away from people and found ourselves in a wasteland desert."
Sweet! Civilian free, target rich environments (just like B'Kah Valley!! - hint hint) are just the place for murderous players with a penchant for tormenting innocents and sympathizers alike.

This is significant. AQII' is losing killers faster than they can get them. Iraq is becoming a giant caliphate cemetary filled with more than silly martyrs - it's also the landfill for played, out of date intolerant raison d'etre for a bankrupt cause to outlaw dVd's - no less.

Abu Tariq ex emir of a recently liberated pocket caliphate confides to 'Dear Diary' that marginalizing influences like cash, fun and free choice has shrunk his especial purpose from like over 600 guys down to less than 20.

"We were mistreated, cheated and betrayed by some of our brothers. Those people
were nothing but hypocrites, liars and traitors and were waiting for the right
moment to switch sides with whoever pays them most."

His anger is understandable - what guy wouldn't be tore up about getting shrunk? In especial mohammedist circles the concept of the Ummah or Mohammedist community, nation, empire, emirate is caliphating itself into extintion.

"To begin with, Al Qaeda central--Osama bin Laden and his lieutenant, Ayman al
Zawahiri--know they are in trouble. The war has produced a small epistolary
avalanche of tactical recalculations and spiritual appeals to brother Muslims to
focus the fight on American infidels.

Iraq was supposed to break the United States. This was, in bin Laden's words, "a war over the destiny of the entire umma ." Instead, Iraq is becoming a serious setback, if not a spiritual Waterloo, for the Muslim world's most feared and most respected jihadists. As bin Laden conceded about the Iraqi jihad, "Allah only knows what sort of ramifications it holds for Islam and its people."

By contrast, it is democracy in Iraq, as bin Laden correctly foresaw, that would
be toxic to his cause: Few ideas elicit from him more venom."

Contrary to retreatists who say the heck with all them people or Surge sucks - even if it is to try to magnetize event unsaavy (historical or au currant) voters.

Like Natan Sharansky prophesied a far better case for a far better future is made if Great Satan stays the course.

"The enemies of freedom must know that the commitment of the world's lone
superpower to help expand freedom beyond its borders will not depend on the
results of the next election."


Right Truth said...

Sloth Pelosi, I like it. She's useless. When she speaks it's like a stern Mother Superior talking to her little nuns in training. Arrogant, feeling she's better and knows more than anybody else, ready to rap your knuckles with her ruler.

In spite of Pelosi and people like her we will succeed, we will continue to be GREAT, and she will go down in history as the WORST person to hold her position. What a title that will be.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Roger W. Gardner said...

"Spiritual Waterloo". I love it. I love the writing -- as you well know -- and I love the whole concept of Jihadist defeat and humiliation.
Let's gloat a little. We deserve it. The hell with the Pelosiacs.

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Grandma Pelosi is not only out of touch she is also a poor representative of America and its peoples. The fact that she was still beating the failure drum as recently as early this month proves her incapacity to accept the reality.