Saturday, February 16, 2008


Kiss and Tale!

L'recent Pakistani Spec Iview with yours truly has upped the panty ante on correspondence with ppl wanting to know who is the guy that fired up me neurons in an age inappropriate way:

When I saw this really HOT! guy - he was an army officer going to school and man this guy was totally off the hook, funny, smart - a chest full of combat ribbons - someone I could argue with and learn from - besides he was great arm candy too. I was totally forecasting the future in the 1st 10 minutes I met him. I was fantasizing about us in the future with kids in a LandRover - I was picking him up from work and then we were hitting the beach. 

About that time this super hot babe waltzed up - she was model material - drop dead gorgeous with a rock on her hand as big as the moon. Of course it was his wife, I think.

Whale, see... Courtney don't kiss and tell.

Not yet anywrought. 

Pic - "I just wanted you to know - I think about you every night when I fall asleep"