Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Double Epiphany

Drama, the Persian Version turned into a full blow riot in Tehran this WE. The Fashion Posse, out to halt hijabed hottiness tried to bust an offending hootchie (at the Mall - no less) who most likely gave the officers some sass.

Given the B slap and fixing to get toted off she was able to use her secret powers to summon help from all the guys - and all heck broke loose.

"The riot broke out in Tehran on the weekend when the Iranian Chastity
Police attempted to arrest a young woman they said was inappropriately
dressed. Witnesses say the young woman resisted arrest, which caused the police
to push and beat her.

The sight of the woman being beaten prompted a bystander to come to her aid, but he was also roughed-up by the security forces.
Dozens of Iranians who were present at the scene began rioting and
setting rubbish on fire.

The riot was captured on numerous cell-phone cameras and shows people shouting slogans against the police and government.
The crowed reportedly called out against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad."

"That was when the large crowd, predominately made up of young people, rose
up against the police and attempted to liberate the young woman themselves.

Faced with a full-blown riot - complete with angry crowds with garbage cans
being set on fire - the frightened police jumped into the van and fled the
scene, except for one unfortunate officer who was left behind. The policeman was
reportedly attacked and beaten by the mob."

Most likely - that's when the officer had a double epiphany - that the guy who thought up the dress code was an idiot - and that he was an idiot for trying to enforce it.

Eventually the Fashion Posse came back with the Riot Police and dispersed the crowd of over 3K.

This is significant. It gives the lie to foreign policy wonks, think tank hanks and alledgedly smart people that want to totally withdraw Great Satan out of the ME - where the banner of Liberty is unfurled.

Jadi wrote last summer that the crackdowns are infuriating.
"There are beatings all over the city. My heart beats mad writing this. I feel
very angry and I am not able to do anything."
Caught on cell - here's the footage.


Karen Townsend said...

"Iranian chastity police". If that phrase doesn't send a chill up the spine, you have no spine. What tools.

I love it when the uprisings happen. Gives a girl so hope. Especially after watching the Dem debate tonight and all I could think through out it was, man, these two people are clueless. Not to mention dangerous.

Uncle Joe said...

That video is offensive to Islam. It must be banned! ;-)

That young woman has more courage than most. Good for her. I can't imagine how degrading it must be to be forced to cover your hair and/or face just because you are a woman out in public. That says a lot about the low caliber of men who make such ridiculous laws. I can't think of anything more damning the men of a country who feel that a woman's exposed hair is somehow indecent. What is going on inside those guys minds when they are around women? All I can say is "Stay away from my daughters!"

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Karen - Ture that! 'Chastity Police'? What the heck is that about?

Iran's regime is barely hanging on and this incident really makes the case for constant confrontation.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Uncle Joe, Well said! The whole thing seems so retarded. Very glad the 'passerbyers' intervened. Some reports claim the girl got a way. I really hope and pray she did.

JMK said...

"Most likely - that's when the officer had a double epiphany - that the guy who thought up the dress code was an idiot - and that he was an idiot for trying to enforce it." (GSGF)
Ya think?

I'd like to believe that, but in my experience, epiphanies come few and far between to the kind of folks who'd eagerly join up to become "the morality police."

Still, hope does spring eternal...and next week starts daylight savings time.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi JMK, That is most likely correct about Double Epiphs strinking folks. OTOH, uppity kids in Tehran are becoming the norm for the Mullahs. Perhaps they can handle it in the cap city - yet when it starts spreading across all of Persia - it may be more than they can handle.

It would be sweetly ironic if it resulted in the awesomest of all regime changes - from the inside out.