Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Girls Of #44

Aside from the headliner up for review in #44's future foreign policy cab, there are also other brainiac hotties hot for gigs advancing Great Satan's humanitarian on the outside and creamy democrazy on the inside delish treat that confronts, challenges and ultimately regime changes cruel uncool unfree failed states and sweetly guides them right into the New Millennium's family of fun, free, functional democrazies.

Failed State femme extroidinaire' Dr Susan Rice has sexy expertise with Africa since way back in the Clintonian era as the Dep State Sec for African Affairs (1997-2001); Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for African Affairs, the National Security Council, the White House (1995-1997); and Director for International Organizations and Peacekeeping, National Security Council (1993-1995).
Dr Rice (no relation) has done substantial work on the Gap (and not the one at the Mall either) that "Weak States", by their very existence, tend to create - and true to their unfree, nigh unhinged nature -  these illegit regimes also excell at projecting misery onto their neighbors.

A fangirl of the despot killing "R2P", Dr Rice is not too particularly concerned with how illegit regimes are dispatched into history's recycle bin. Her main desires are essentially how to rebuild wrecked little rat's nests after Great Satan's forced imposition of strangling sanctions or 30 year in the future military takes out the trash (either way is fine).

Like the naughty hottie down the street who never gets caught, Dr Rice deploys fashionable smokescreens like "UN", "International Community" and lays off words that drives Great Satan Envy like "democracy" to fly under the radar like a stealth bomber.

Since Africom needs a hood to hang in - why not present them with the largest hood in all of Africa?

"Well, if the Sudanese government maintains its refusal of a robust U.N.
force, then the international community should say to the Sudanese: You have a very short period of time, a week, perhaps two weeks at most, to accept this U.N. force unconditionally or face the threat of the use of military force."
Wouldn't such a robust preponderance of American Power, sweetly tricked out in the little black dress of internat'l legitimacy fire up world opinion against Great Satan? The m"Hammedist world might cry out against regime killing pressure killing a sharia law loving preacher's paradise.

Yeah. They might.

"If we've come to the point where the United States and the rest of the international community is going to be intimidated by a relatively weak African or other government around the world with the threat of the use of al-Qaida, then we've lost our way, we've lost the war on terrorism, and we've lost our moral compass, if we're not prepared to stand up to protect civilians from genocide."
This is significant.

Despite all the "Joy joy joy joy down in my heart" that the world seems to be reveling in at the moment of Great Satan's recent electile climax, America doesn't really give a flip if intolerant, illegit, gendercidal regimes have their feelings hurt.

Or annihilated.

Pic "Samantha Power and Susan Rice"


Right Truth said...

You've outdone yourself with this one Courtney.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Skunkfeathers said...

Indeed she has! Courtney continues to impress with the intellect and wisdom that seems so much beyond the years of many of her less wizened peers.

Karen Townsend said...

Keep on keeping on. You're the best.