Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Massacre

Almost two days after terrorists attacked the Indian financial hub of Mumbai, the military is still working to root out the remnants of the assault teams at two hotels and a Jewish center. More than 125 people, including six foreigners, have been killed and 327 more have been wounded. The number is expected to go up, as Indian commandos have recovered an additional 30 dead at the Taj Mahal hotel as fighting has resumed.

Mumbai Massacre is way different from other mohammedist type attacks - instead of massive truck bombs or scores of munition enhanced makebelieve martyrs, Mumbai was more like a military op.

So far, no one has made the connection with the Beslan school massacre carried out by Chechen and foreign creeps and jihadis that tormented an entire town in Russia.

Perhaps they should.

The operational prep for such an attack is amazing.

Operational security for such a horrific event is tough to maintain and requires organization, discipline and exceptional motivation.

First off - the planning, training and equiping of an attack like this involved tons of data, raw intell and onsite knowledge.

An estimated 12 to 25 terrorists are believed to have entered Mumbai by sea. After landing, the attack teams knocked out the local police, (killing Mumbai's chief anti terror cop along with his especially trained cadre) then split into spearhead teams to attack 'soft', weak and helpless innocents at hotels, cafes, cinemas, even hospitals. Civilians were gunned down and taken hostage, while terrorists looked for people carrying foreign passports.

Indian Coast Guard, Navy, Mumbai maritime police, and customs units have scoured the waters off Mumbai in search of a "mommie ship" that transported one or more smaller Gemini inflatable boats used by the attackers. Unverified reports alledge one of the craft land in Colaba in southern Mumbai and vomited eight to 10 fighters.

Two ships that have been boarded are strongly suspected of being involved in the attacks: the Kuber, an Indian fishing boat, and the MV Alpha, a Vietnamese cargo ship. Both ships appear to have been directly involved. The Kuber was hijacked on Nov. 13, and its captain was found murdered. Four crewmen are reported to still be missing.

Indian security officials found what they believe is evidence linking the boat to the attack, as well as linking the attackers to Pakistan.
"A GPS map of south Mumbai was found along with a satellite phone
on the ship, Coast Guard officials confirmed.

There were reports that this phone was used to make calls to
Karachi immediately before the shootings began in Mumbai."

Indian police also detained three terrorists from the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba, a terror group closely allied with al Qaeda. The three men are said to be Pakistani nationals, and claimed to have been part of a 12-man team that launched from the MV Alpha. They said the MV Alpha departed from Karachi.

The Mumbai attack is something different. Foreign assault teams that likely trained and originated from outside the country infiltrated a major city to conduct multiple attacks on carefully chosen targets.

The primary weapon was the gunman, not the suicide bomber. The attack itself has paralyzed a city of 18 million.

And two days after the attack began, Indian forces are still killing killers.


AmPowerBlog said...

Nice analysis, Courtney!

Obob said...

good tie in with school massacre and agree with donald on the analysis

Findalis said...

Good post Courney! I forgot about that tie to the school massacre. But did know about the link to Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that 7 of them came from the UK. If the UK keeps on allowing them to come there, the UK is finished.

jim.carroll said...

Your analysis is very thought-provoking, Courtney.

You understand that we dislike unauthourized thinking, don't you?

And while you are thinking about THAT, imagine what if this is the type of attack (on our schools using commandered schoolbuses) that Biden was referring to when talking about the event that will challenge Obama's leadership.

Now, if the "actions that we have to take that we will need your support" should be a ban on all further Muslim immigration, and perhaps the expulsion of all foreign nationals from Middle-Eastern Islamic countries (except the ones that can prove they are Christian, or at the very least non-Muslim), then I might just be able to see something good coming out of Obama's election. On the other hand, it's more than likely that the actions that they'll need support on is the NON-exporting of Muslims.

Skunkfeathers said...

Brilliant analysis as always, Courtney.

What this ol' middle-aged codger is wunderin' is: it doesn't take much to put India and the Pakis at swords' points. If Al Qaeda-sympathetic allies could make this attack appear to have been known of and *winked at* by Karachi, might an escalation in the crisis between two nuclear-armed nations, be intended to divert US and allied efforts in Afghanistan against the Taliban and their camel-virgin-seeking chums in Al Qaeda? More chaos means a better field of ops for Islamofascists?