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70 years ago a series of events unfolded that have meaning still today.

On November the 3rd, 1938, Herschel Grynszpan, a Polish student in Paris, received an appalling letter from his sister Bertha in Hanover emphasizing that the family together with 12K Polish people were surprisingly deported to the Polish border.

Picked up by the Regime's secret police in the dead of night and shipped off to the railhead in a tiny rural stadt of Zbaazyn.

It was the start of Deutschland's Nazi Peace Time drive to drive minorities out of Germany.

"Judenrein" - Deutsch for ethnic cleansing.

Herschel was so fired up about his sister's distress and his own family in extremis - he hopped a bus to the Left Bank in Paris - bought a Berreta with several rounds of 22 calibre shells and used public transport to bushwhack Nazi Germany's handpicked diplomat at the Deutsch embassy in Paris by pumping 5 bullets into Ernst Vom Rath.

French Police quickly apprehended the shooter who had literally shot a foreign charge d' affairs to pieces right before their eyes.

And the story should have ended after a trial.

Only the illegit regime in Germany didn't let the wheels of French Justice click along at all.

Vom Rath passed on to Valhalla on 7 November and Deutsch Nazi's went on a rampage.

The night between 8 to 9 of November 1938 in Germany's major cities: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Keln, Hamburg, Dresden etc. and was named as the KRISTALLNACHT - the night of the shattered glass.

On the following days, 191 synagogues, thousands of Jewish businesses and houses were burnt down.

Nearly 30K Germans, guilty only of being born jewish were rounded up and the world began to hear of a term several years old in Deutschland - Konzentration Lager

On November the 15th 1938, after the KRISTALLNACHT events, a glorious funeral was held in Dusseldorf for Ernst vom-Rath.

The Zbaazyn deportation story was told by Herschel Grynszpan's father during his testimony in Adolph Eichmann trial in Jerusalem.

Pic - "Kristallnacht" by Aratix


Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell us something??? LOL... Funny how Obama has the citizenry rushing to arm themselves isn't it?