Friday, November 7, 2008

Hollaback Girl

"I heard that you were talking trash
And you didn't think that I would hear it
That's right, put your pom-poms down, getting everybody fired up

A few times I've been around that track
So it´s not just gonna happen like that
'Cause I ain't no holla back girl - I ain't no holla back girl"

Anthemesque, this hot hit from the way back machine by one of Great Satan"s Hootchies of the Year last year - the So Cali Grrl "From the land of the bomb ass hemp beat - a place where you never find a dance floor empty" lushious Gwen Stefani and those legs that run all the way up her neck, is actually interpreted as a double entendre of the nonrisque repoire.

Reliably informed in cheerleader operational methodology, the team captain leads the cheer. Like the old "Gimmie an A!" and the other cheer babes respond - or hollaback.

Another interpretation in this tune is the concept of confronting or intervening in events that are aggressively incorrect and require the 'bust' in robust for redressing aggression, brutal intolerance and all the grief they provide.

A Lo Down Ho Down.

"Ready to attack, gonna lead the pack

Gonna get a touchdown, gonna sock it to you

That's right put your pom poms down, another one bites the dust"

Like recent trash talking certain wanna be Paleocons. In that time traveling world of 1808, outright joy is expressed that a certain cat along with his posse of fully crunk McCaineocons suffered electoral defeat.

Fair enough.

The latest spell these appearantly eccentric, especially unimpressive enchanters of doom and gloom bite and recite is historically weak, fantasy rich, hysterically null and void with a deadly dose of intervention phobia.

This is significant - and a flaw in logic.

Great Satan's critics cry foul that she has overextended herself unnecessarily in other nations affairs.

"These criticisms are completely off the mark. Those who worry about
America's projection of power are overlooking how America got to the position she occupies at this moment in history: the world's dominant political and military, the only nation that will actually go into the world and strike down evil."

America's commitment to universal principles are built into Great Satan's founding framing docs. These principles are not debatable - indeed as Alex Hamilton laid it out- "... written in the stars by the hand of God..."
Great Britain's Right Honourable (and Right H0T!) Foreign Minister cat David Miliband defends and defines Intervention as universal

"Democracy can take root in all societies. In time, it will. The equal worth of human beings, their equal right to independence and self-government, requires no less.

And all those brave people who are fighting to gain tomorrow the democracies that we, in the lucky, rich nations of the world are blessed with today, deserve our support.

Not just in words, but in deeds."

By default, pseudo naysayers and inappropriate, inhumane makebelieve afflictions like isolationism and intervention phobia are totally retarded along with the unhappy fact of being dangerously dangerous.

Ancient PNAC texts and scrolls "rally support for a vigorous and principled policy of American international involvement and to stimulate useful public debate on foreign and defense policy and America's role in the world." Great Satan should "increase defense spending significantly," "strengthen ties to democratic allies," "promote the cause of political and economic freedom abroad," and "accept responsibility for America's unique role in preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles."

Great Satan's history disproves any notions or commotions hooking only one political party to these time honored concepts.

Great Satan survived and thrived because of and in spite of the War Between The States, The Beatles and President Carter. She can certainly hang out with #44.

Never cool to mock the afflicted - true - the real quiz is that perhaps intervention intolerance says way more volumes about the afflicted than demonizing, dissing American power, her traditionally relentless march to egalitarianism, values, attributes, history and hard won blood stained righteous combat bona fides.

A life time experience where any and all trouble is handled by meetings, friendly give and take - or ultimately a pink slip may mean an inablity to concieve concepts that prove moral relativism is suspect.

In Girl World of the New Millennium, intervention is often the decisive decision:

Like realizing a dearest bf4E is so totally creeped out - catamose - whenever her mom's new live in bf hits the house.

Standing up to bullies in the hood, at the mall or school.

Watching over innocents, a voice for the voiceless.

Americans know the truth, and do not admit alternate truths. Instead of playing the relevancy game Americans play 'Which one of these is not like the other?"

"Oh things for instance things like supremacy of democratic states
overtyrannies, which is just a very simply notion. The fact that there is not moral equivalence between a despot and a democratic leader, that we free people do not inhabit the same plane morally as terrorists"

In an age of WMD crunk caliphates, illegitimate, corrupt, murderous regimes, rocket rich body part collectors and any fanboy fellow travellers (rocket hot or not) there is little reason to even tolerate their existence.

Intervention phobia in favor of ruinous failed states and their 'leaders' who torment their own people, their neighbors, foreign humanitarian compassionates, condone and practice genocide, horrific gendercide on their own sweet girls, indulge in slave trading while their 'nations' suffer pitiful literacy rates, poor sanitation, blinging on missiles, militaries, secret police instead of hospitals, schools, free media or a future for their young people, sprout up militias in innocent civilian rich turf and tend to act out against any democrazie in weapons range is a very tough case to make.

Pic - "Daemoneocons in the Board Room"


Old Rebel said...

Must've hit a nerve. The truth hurts, doesn't it?

I'm not sure which of my points you object to in the two posts you linked to in your strange rant.

So let's see:

1 - The electorate rejected Bush's heir apparent. Yes, and gave the Dems more numbers in Congress. That's how disgusted they are with Bush.

2 - The Neocon wars have wrecked the economy. Yes, if you agree that a three trillion dollar increase to our debt is bad for our economy.

3 - Or maybe you don't like me pointing out your sick obsession with violence. Sorry, kiddo, but one glance at your bizarre web site proves you are. Don't complain to me that someone noticed your balistophilia; tell it to your shrink.

As to America being based on "universal principles," tell that one to Dr. Doug, who's arguing with "gay" rights radicals about traditional morality. I've even added to that debate by siding with him. I'm sure he appreciates my effort.

But for your information, while the Soviet Union and Red China may have been based on what some bloody eggheads imagined were universal principles justifying world revolution, the US was founded on the defense of British liberty.

I will offer this consolation -- you can expect to see more military intervention under the Great Obama. Excited? Obama's "Israel First" foreign policy seems carved in stone -- or is it merely written in blood?

May God have mercy on people like you.

Findalis said...

Funny how the left screams about human rights but won't actually do anything to stop the horrors like Darfur and Bosnia.

It is time that the left actually start doing something about it, and not just talk. For talk never saved a child from being murdered or a woman from being raped.

Old Rebel said...


I have a good idea how we can stop innocent Afghan civilians from being incinerated by cowardly American drone operators.

Right Truth said...

And what about the human rights of the baby in the womb? Seems like Obama would be concerned about a genocide of his 1/2 race via abortion.

Can we all get along with #44...

NO. One cannot get along with someone who is anti everything we hold dear. He is THE president, but not necessarily MY president.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth