Monday, November 24, 2008

Realpolitik Redux

"Realist." In the after math of the Iraq War, realpolitik and her hand maidens of realism, containment and detente' are upgrading their always under the surface mode into an out of the closet event that could seriously affect Great Satan's foreign policy.

Like with Iran.

Ex CIA spy guy Robert Baer's "The Devil We Know" advocates an incredible return to realpolitik with an almost surrealist (NPI!) bent.

Essentially, Iran is a super power right now. Thus, sitting down and cutting deals with Iran should go far beyond any uranium enrichment interruptus tete' a tete'.

Persia has wielded her soft power like armed proxies, EFP's and shia mohammedism into an undeniable force that needs to wipe clean and draw again the face of the ME.

While corrupt Sunni govs have fired their illit populations against Little Satan for decades with nothing to show for it - the shia's - armed, led, fed and funded by Persians have actually put their money where their mouth is - conducting combat ops with propaganda coups that have marginalized sunnis like Fatah, co opted sunnis like the HAMAS and are riding a wave of shia perceived success that sunnis can only look to Great Satan (now, there's irony for you!) to prevent.

The shia crescent from Persia to the Med and Red Sea.

Iran is the only true nation state in the ME with a long - and legit history of actually being a nation state.

Despite everyone's best efforts - Iran is truly the only 'stable' nation in that neck of the woods. Not one of the 22 members of the Arab league could claim that.

The 1916 Sykes-Picot makebelieve border map is now fully defunct.

Iraq should be dissolved into 4 bits: Shia Baghdad, Sunni Anbar, independent Kurdistan and a new Iranian province comprising Basra, Najaf, Karbala and Kuwait.

The gulf states of Bahrain (outright annexation by Iran) Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are Persia's any time she wants them. And Mullahopolis doesn't call their Ayatollah in Chief the "Supreme Leader" for nothing.

Since Saudiland is comparatively weak militarily with Iran, The House of Saud should cut a deal granting Iran the control of Mecca and Medina.

Jordan devolves into the new Palestinian State. Gaza goes to either Egypt or Little Satan. West Bank defaults to Little Satan with joint control of Jerusalem

And Bashar and Hiz'B'Allah get all of Lebanon to divy up as the new, improved version of 'Greater Syria' at the same incredible instant Land of the Pure sweetly desolves into 5 brand new ethnically, dialectically different tiny tiny Tribal areas.

Tiny tiny mini states fully stocked with Taliban. Easy access for Great Satan's righteously thorough intense enjoyment with sweet leisured indepth intervention with all her powers - women's rights, humanitarianism, literacy, concern, educators, academics, engineers and sexyful applications of the Univeral Values, doubleteamed with the Democratic Imperatives.

All that hot on the heels of capturing or killing (either is totally cool) Supervillan OBL would be the meds America's 'stomach for success"

Collecting a discombobulated Pakistan's nukey WMD withcraft armoury is an event avec Iranian intell and ops would certainly be an essential confidence building measure.

Curiously though - few alternate options are considered - an endless war with Great Satan supplying occupational muscle financed by sunni bling, a "Mad Max" option of Great Satan splitting just after starting a shia sunni regional war or the afore mentioned grand bargaineering.

Curious - surely an ex CIA spy guy would have an informed op about a regime killing regime change.

Baer also counts on petrol remaining over the $130 bucks a barrel price tag too and weirdly insists Iran is not a police state, that Arabs everywhere love Iran because they are the only force on earth that can mobilize proxies to stand up to Little Satan and that Iran's military is a magical invincible force - fully crunk with missiles, armour, combat jets and the world famous Revolutionary Guard while discounting internal dissent, a pitiful economy and Great Satan.

Pic "The Immortal" by Sina Tasdighi


Jeff Wills said...

Interesting post. The chance of the U.S. moving into a realpolitik mode are slim under an Obama administration. Of course there is the chance that circumstances force a President Obama to get cunning in foreign policy or face avoidable disasters to the nation and his presidency and party. We shall see.