Tuesday, November 4, 2008

'Lection Day!

This is it! THE day! Enroute to one of several sacred places here in this corner of Hillbillyland, there was no escaping the fact that voting way more than a right.

It is a priviledge.

Trekking thru spots in Great Satan's history where bloody desperate battles were fought in a most uncivilwar between Americans, streets named after combatants from both sides - Longstreet, Wilder, Crittenden, Sherman is an instant time machine that spans American sacrifice through out her short, rowdy and globe stomping existence.

Voting is the ultimate homage to Americans who stood long watches on ramparts far away. Americans who put their lives on hold to travel far far away to kill our enemies - many never returned - those who did built this awesome nation - uniquely powerful - the only one of her kind!

From Bunker Hill to Midway, from Chickamauga to Fallujah the blood shed in sacrifice for ideals greater than self - ideals that changed and challenge the world was not, is not and shall not be shed in vain.

Trying to maintain a reverent attitude in at the poll's wild atmosphere was short lived.

There was a line. One particular item on the ballot was actually quite local. Paws Paws and preachers alike fussed over it tremendously.

"Liquor By The Drink"

Whoa! Really! Here? HMMMMM.

Local TV cats were on hand with a ginourmous video cam the size of the friendly end of a .50 caliber machine gun. The semi hot 'nouncer cat worked his way down the line - asking everyone about that particular issue.

"And you Miss, 1st time voter? Are you excited?"

Taken by surprise by the camera's bright light - a squeek and a nod were acknowledged.

"Are you supporting 'Liquor by the Drink?"

"Uh, yeah. I'm tired of having to drive into Chattanooga to get liquored up all the time"

No one was amused.

Then, it was time. All bona fides intact - just moi and the machine.

Deep breath.

And one more Georgia Peach got her electoral cherry popped.

pic Georgia Voter on teal sweater


Findalis said...

So how did you vote on Liquor by the drink?

Voted early today (took 2 hours) and then went to lunch.

Hoping beyond hope.

And remember this little tidbit of trivia:

During that little disagreement between the South and the North, the Union did hold a Presidental election in 1864. A Republican did win the White House then I do believe.

Right Truth said...

One giant step for you Courtney.

We voted early as we always do. I'm sitting with my glass of champagne, piece of chocolate, celebrating John McCain and Sarah Palin's victory (early). It is only 6:40 p.m. election night here, but I'm very positive.

Have a drink on me.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Skunkfeathers said...

We here who read and appreciate your young, yet wise-beyond-your-years wisdom, Courtney, we welcome you to our voting base.

We didn't win this one. That hurts. But it is reality. In a constitutional representative republic, we just don't get everything we want via the vote. That's reality.

As in '76, '92/96 and now, we didn't win the big one. America is still strong, and will stand. And if President-elect Obama stumbles in the next two years, the voters can start the corrective process with the '10 midterm elections. They did it in '94. We can do it again.

Whatever happens, chin up, Courtney. And again, welcome to a formidable voice on our side of the argument.

heidianne jackson said...

sad hailings from the middle of the country. congrats on your first vote, courtney!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Courtney!

You're a classy citizen!