Monday, December 8, 2008

Peshawar Noir

Pakistan's Talibanistan recently scored big, striking two of Great Satan's motor pools/goodies depot and destroying enough battlefield transport to equip a mechanized infantry company in 2 different - simultaneous attacks.

Tactical chicanery with strategic import. Khyber Pass - the 'Top of the World" is a vital supply line from Karachi sea ports all the way into Afghanistan.

Khyber Pass was closed briefly two times - once in a makebelieve protest about Great Satan's cruise and heckfire missiles violating the inviolate turf (that appearantly only Taliban and al Qaeda can transgress with impunity) and once before when it got hit by a Taliban attack that alledgedly resulted in Pakistan's military to start riding shotgun.

No such Pakistani security was available when the Taliban attacked.

This is significant and on top of Mumbai massacre, offers a very uncool analysis regarding Land of the Pure and the bumper crop of heavily armed missile magnetic intolerants that seemingly run amok from the tips of mountain ranges to the floodplains of Pakistan and all the towns in between.

Taliban, al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba and a host of murderous agents of mayhem, sympathizers and fanboys are seemingly totally up to the necks in Pakistan's military and intell establishments.


"Terror groups aren't just based in Waziristan and Kashmir. Much of
the Northwest Frontier Province and Baluchistan are under siege.

Last year, the Musharraf government had to launch a military assault on the Red Mosque, in the heart of Islamabad just one mile from the parliament building, to clear out rampaging Islamists enforcing sharia on the streets.

Rawalpindi, a supposedly secure military garrison and sister city
to Islamabad, has been rocked by terror attacks. Lashkar-e-Taiba's headquarters in Muridke is located just outside of Lahore in eastern Punjab province. The port city of Karachi is infested with extremists groups. These problems are merely the tip of the iceberg."

Taliban has launched a clever combat campaign to cut 70% of NATO's logistical link that stretches from Karachi to Peshawar to Khyber Pass to Kabul.

Despite gloating about a Pakistani military offensive against Taliban in the Khyber Pass area recently - multiple attacks in the last week in Peshawar indicate something else.

Taliban maybe about to take control of Peshawar itself. Northwest Frontier gov pleaded for some military relief in a Taliban controlled town of Jamrud

"The government has to take action or we shall see Iraq-like
situation in the area in the coming few months."

Pic - "Taleban Noir"


jim.carroll said...

Courtney, Greetings and Felicitations!

Your cover illustration of today's missive brought to mind an analysis I did for some friends on "signs in the sky"; specifically, the recent Crescent Moon -- Jupiter -- Venus threesome earlier this week.

In North America, it was pretty amazing. But hanging over Europe, it was freaky. Over Europe, stretching from Western Russia (that's getting a very large Muslim population) all the way almost to Portugul, the Crescent Moon and Venus did a dance that laid claim to all that territory. Specifically, the moon "hid" Venus for a time; then when Venus appeared it was in the exact position as the Crescent-and-Star used as a symbol of Islam.

The technical term for what the moon did to Venus is "occultation," taken from the Latin word "occultÄ re," which means "to conceal." This is also the term used to describe the present condition of the 12th Inman -- he is here but being concealed; and at some time soon he will be revealed. So, maybe this is a sign that the 12th Inman is about to be revealed, and his darkess will cover almost all of Europe? Creepy, ne ce pas?

For further creepiness, consider that both Venus and the Crescent Moon played an important part of the moon-worship that was so prevelant in Arabia before islam; and there are some who say that Mohammed just recycled a lot of the old moon-worship rituals and thoughts into Islam. Plus, in the astrology that was was used in the Middle East for centuries, Jupiter represented your favorite Little Satan and mine, Israel.

I think Israel is going to kick some Arab derrier in the next couple of months. In fact, I'm willing to bet two dozen home-made chocolate chip cookies on that happening by the end of March. Any takers?


Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

You've delivered again Courtney, great post and jim.c maybe on the mark about Israel, and Arab derrier by March...