Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amoral Inversion

Via Meadia

"Court - you and Professor A are entirely correct - Great Satan is the most revolutionary power in the history of the world, but after more than 200 years of a brilliant revolutionary career we are still not very good at understanding or responding to the revolutions our example, our ideas, our economy and our technology do so much to create."

"...Arab spring is the latest example of the clash between America’s revolutionary world role and our pathetic cluelessness about the forces we do so much to promote.  The Arab Spring is turning into a long, hot summer.  Civil wars in Libya, Syria and Yemen and the sullen silence of the Shi’a in Bahrain have baptized Arab democracy in blood.  More will flow — and American foreign policy is befuddled and bemused.

Fellow democrazie kindred spirit Herr Democrazy Direktor Strauss (Oh! He got game bay bee!) exams that bemused befuddlement (that is getting ppl killed btw) and lays it out to play out in regards to 44's 'diss allies and suck up to enemies' mode in Arab Spring

Incorrect responses to the Mideast upheavals are not just perverse, it's way more dangerous than ignoring the ancient dire warning #31 rule.

"...When Khadaffy and Assad came under attack, our elites — foreign-affairs journals, major media, government officials — warned of dire destabilizing consequences if they should fall. When Ben Ali and Mubarak came under attack, our elites said their downfall was inevitable and warned of dire destabilizing consequences if they failed to leave.

"...A normal instinct would be to rejoice at prospect the
of the fall of foes and to warn of dire consequences if our friends fall. Our actual behavior — nearly universal behavior across all high-level sectors, from media to government to NGOs — has been the exact opposite.

 "...It is important that we figure out the reasons for our behavior. Why do we vilify benign rulers and excuse malicious ones? Why do we treat friends worse than enemies? Why, in sum, do we think with an inverted mind and act with an inverted morality?

"...Only by understanding our mental inversion can we figure out how to right it. And we need to right it. Before our eyes in the Middle East, it is having exceedingly dangerous consequences.

Pic - "It may not always be easy to distinguish between democratic and totalitarian agents of change, but it is also not too difficult. Authentic democratic revolutionaries aim at securing governments based on the consent of the governed and believe that ordinary men are capable of using freedom, knowing their own interest, choosing rulers."