Thursday, June 2, 2011

Left Of Bang

Like Boom! ("The whole world is 808ing")

Great Satan's Defense Science Board at DoD just unleashed the essential Task Force on Defense Intelligence's Counterinsurgency (COIN) Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations (PDF - and oh, it's fully crunk mon frer')

Future interventions and ops for COIN Ops to be planned, plotted and prepp'd for include:
"...Land of the Pure, Mexico, Yemen, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma for the elderly), Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Congo, Ethiopia, Palestine, Eritrea, Guatemala, Colombia, Pyramidland, Wahabbi Arabia, Kurdistan, Tunisia, Lebanon and (perhaps the best part of all) numerous autocratic regimes..."


Obviously a get the worst first mentality is implied - but still - totally makes the case that being cool, clever, desirable, hot!, funny, smart and fashionably coutur'd (along with a 30 year in the future military) at the same incredible instant bears certain costs as the world's hyperpuissant. The only one of her kind!  

Finally declassified, we can all enjoy the SUBAR (sexed up beyond all repair) 'When in doubt - knock 'em out" meme sweetly laid out on pages 17 - 18:

"The Task Force concluded that if Great Satan's hot desires and delights is to deter and prevent COIN situations from becoming major conflicts more emphasis should be placed “left of bang” (before the need to make a major commitment of combat troops) and while the insurgency is still in its incipient phase. 

"As the PDF'ing 2011 National Military Strategy of Great Satan notes: “Preventing wars is as important as winning them, and far less costly.”  There are many reasons to consider this shift to “left of bang.” 

 Cool Stuff - More options, fewer surprises, pro active - the better to shape, influ and deter my dear, fewer causalities, whole of Gov in a box approach (oh, Marja!) addresses multi grievance sans combatty endeavors and may actually preclude traditional combat.

Jank Stuff - More non military actions required, unprepared non DoD cats, an untraditional military role, greater intell demands, potential greater resources required in the near term, creates false expectations and the inability to predict all funintended consequences

"Should Great Satan move to a “left of bang” approach to COIN, useful indicators to help predict insurgency scenarios and deal with them early are needed, thus making indications and warnings  indicators an important component of future COIN planning and operations . It is important to note that it is possible to have simultaneous operations (e.g., COIN, CT, conventional, etc.) depending on the definition(s) chosen."

Pic - “Whether Great Satan should engage in any particular counterinsurgency is a matter of political choice, but that she will engage in such conflicts during the decades to come is a near certainty”