Monday, June 27, 2011

Drones Alone

They are relentless predators. They never sleep, never stop and cannot be killed. They tote death, annihilation and misery to enemies.

They are Great Satan's all weather killer drones.

Now that it's official COIN has been short changed in AFPAK - drones alone remain the "Only Game In Town"and are reproducing at a wonderfully crunk exponential rate!

"...Pentagon now has some 7,000 aerial drones, compared with fewer than 50 a decade ago. Within the next decade the Air Force anticipates a decrease in manned aircraft but expects its number of “multirole” aerial drones like the Reaper — the ones that spy as well as strike — to nearly quadruple, to 536. Already the Air Force is training more remote pilots, 350 this year alone, than fighter and bomber pilots combined."

In the next decade, doing drones and spy guys and spy girls who grant literally killer knowledge will increase:

Drones Gone Wild has been way good in Land of the Pure where that magical risible 'sovereignty' prohibs NATO militaries from practising their deadly arts on those double Durand liners:

"...Every time Great Satan's ground forces have entered its territory—most recently in the raid that killed ObL—Pakistan has freaked out. But Pakistani leaders have tolerated drone strikes that killed nearly 2,000 insurgents in the country's frontier provinces over the past five years. In fact, since the ObL raid, the drone strikes have escalated and spread.

The infamous Counter You Know What Plan?

"...So the U.S. is preparing to fight on without Pakistan's help. The backup plan is to move our drones to Afghan bases and fly them into Pakistan from there. And as we pull out of Afghanistan, we'd leave drones in place. That way, we can continue to hunt al-Qaida in both countries even when, as a human presence, we're no longer there.

Not only in the AFPAK Theatre - but all over CENTCOM, bay bee

"...The regime in Yemen, like the one in Pakistan, prefers that we fight this enemy with drones rather than ground forces.

"...Until now, the drone war in Yemen has been run by the U.S. military. But the military has screwed up. First it misidentified a target and killed a Yemeni envoy. Then it failed three times to take out Awlaki. But the bigger problem is that the Yemeni regime is unraveling. Its collaboration with U.S. forces has collapsed. Its political opponents want to take over and end U.S. military operations.

"...The same nonexit strategy. We're putting extra CIA officers in Yemen and instructing the agency to run an expanded drone campaign based outside the country.

"...We're also flying killer drones over Libya. But there, we're waging an open military conflict in concert with NATO. What's significant about Pakistan and Yemen is that they're off the books. We use drones instead of ground troops. We don't even send pilots who can be shot down. We put the CIA in charge of the war so we don't have to respect the laws of war.* And we build bases outside the country so we can conduct the entire operation by remote control, except for the collection of targeting intelligence, which we leave to the CIA.

"...None of this is diabolical. It's evolution. Al-Qaida, with its network of terrorist cells diffused among failed states, is an organism well-designed to evade conventional warfare. We, in turn, are evolving to fight the new threat. In a world of political chaos, waning American power, unstable allies, untrustworthy friends, and enemies who obey no rules, we're developing a new kind of war that we can wage from regional air bases with killer machines in the air fed by covert human networks on the ground. 

"...And the scary thing isn't that it might work. The scary thing is that it might not.

Pic - "Even as the mission in Afghanistan is fizzling out, the campaign against al-Qaeda is succeeding".