Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bye Bye Bashar?


Teutonic for Twilight of the Gods also meaning to be shot down in flames in an orgy of blood, torment, destruction - the concluding conclusion of the Epic Fail - "...a collapse of a society or regime marked by catastrophic violence and disorder..."

Fellow Daemoneoconic kindred spirit and Comunication Director at Great Britain's smoking hot Scoop Jackson Society  (he also gigs at Just Journalism and is kinda hot too) Michael Weiss shares sources that predict the illegit Allawicious Regime in Damascus led by the nearly 2 metre tall (wookie sized) Dr General President Bashar al Assad's expiration date has left the regime and regime haters with one option each:

“Kill or deport all those who had lost family members, had family members tortured or raped or jailed — i.e., suffered since the start of 2011. Or topple the regime. Half the protesters are demonstrating for personal reasons now. Assad’s stupidity has become our greatest virtue.”

Suriya al- Kubra! 

Is the end for Bashar Bay Bee's Regime at hand? Reeling from 20k refugees gatecrashing into Turkey, the Ottomans threatened to intervene militarily within a week if al Assad can't get his act together, stop killing ppl and keep the noise down. Syria's President for Life delivered a defiantly fiesty mean sounding tough speech  "...the beatings will continue until morale improves..."

“...No development without stability, no reform in the face of sabotage and chaos. Today we stand at a decisive moment in the history of our country, a moment that we want through our determination and our will to mark the turning point between a yesterday full of troubles and pain in which innocent blood was shed and a tomorrow full of hope...” 

Uh, sorry tuned out there for a sec.

Bashar used the word "freedom" once, "conspiracy" 8 times, and "vandals" -- the Official fave expression for rowdy assetted disloyal, unproductive servants of the Regime like 18 times. 

The real trick is that Bashar has handed the opposition the initiative:

"...Syria's economy has come under such incredible duress in recent weeks that financial analysts say the government could run out of money entirely. Syria is struggling due to a combination of international sanctions, drying-up foreign investment, a devastated tourism industry (hotels in Aleppo and Damascus are empty at a time of year when they're usually pumping much-needed money into the economy), and Assad's costly civil service pay raises made in a last ditch effort to assuage protesters. 

"...This sudden and severe economic downturn will bring real pain to the Syrian people, but it will exacerbate protests, and ultimately limit Assad's ability to pay military and security forces. 

And  al Assad's diplopolitiary magic is failing too-

"...Assad's military is stretched increasingly thing, with troops recently deploying to a fourth border, in the east near Iraq. Syria is not an especially large country, but it is heavily urban. Its 22 million residents -- about four times as many as in Libya -- are packed twice as densely as Yemen's 23 million. As the military attempts to lay siege to one town after another, it must send less and less forces to each new urban uprising, and will thus be less able to respond. 

"...When Syrian refugees recently fled by the thousands from the town of Jisr al-Shoughour into Turkey, many carried reports that protesters had burned out security buildings in a fight to hold their city. Eventually, there may be a town in revolt that Assad simply lacks the forces to put down, and that would be the beginning of the end of his grip on the country.

"...Syria's foreign policy, a tool Assad has long used to stay in power, may also be faltering. The country's relationship with northern neighbor and crucial ally Turkey is at near-total collapse, depriving Syria of its richest and most important ally. The response from Iran -- Syria's second-most important ally -- is still uncertain. Protesters have begun burning Iranian flags, understanding how important the eastern neighbor is in bolstering Assad's rule (impossible-to-verify reports suggest Iranian security forces are assisting in the crackdown; whether or not they're true, they are believed within Syria).

"...Iran now faces a dilemma between offering even greater aid to Assad in a big to keep him in power, or scaling down their involvement so as not to risk a popular backlash, as they did in Iraq once it appeared major Shia militias might turn against them.

"...Cracks are beginning to show in Assad's regime, perhaps the most significant indication that it is under incredible new pressure. Rami Makhlouf, Assad's cousin and an oligarch whose tight control over much of the national economy has made him one of the country's most hated figures, has announced he will leave his government roles. The leader's wife, Asma al-Assad, is rumored to have fled to London. Whether or not she is still in Syria, the glamor-prone first lady is well known for her expensive shopping jaunts across Europe. 

"...If Great Satan or another Western country ends up pursuing war crime charges, as they've suggested they might, an indictment by the International Criminal Court or other body would forever bar the Assad family from traveling to Europe. That might not sound like much of incentive for him to step down, but Assad is only human. The ability for his wife, with whom he is reportedly close, to lead her beloved lifestyle could help guide him away from the strategy of violence he is currently pursuing.

"...It's possible that none of these factors, either alone or together, will be enough to lead Assad out of office. But the pressures on his rule are growing both in number and in severity. That Assad felt compelled to make this morning's address -- something his fellow Arab leaders have done only at their lowest points in the battles against popular protests -- should be a sign that the situation in Syria, though still bleak, could be rapidly turning.

Pic -"A third possible outcome is a revived Ottoman Empire."


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Let's kick dictator Obama out of office in 2012 first.

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That prick(assad) has had it far too easy. Exile the mofo.