Thursday, June 16, 2011


"O Tay Mr Peabody! Set the dial on the Way Back Machine to 1911!"

Prob the best descrip of the recent GOP Debatery that CNN Chief Grunting Guy kept grunting through (yeah - it was kinda gross)

"...Mitt Romney sounded not so terribly different from Obama on Afghanistan, with the crucial difference that he wants out faster. Michele Bachmann and virtually all of them thundered that we had no need to be involved in Libya, least of all by playing second fiddle to France (a few things don't change). Ron Paul peddled his predictable isolationist wares, and he did so to a rather robust round of applause.

"...Their message with respect to America and the world (except from Rick Santorum, who mounted a lonely defense of our worldwide military presence) was that we should just stay home and forget about it. 

Well, see - thing is - as the world's only hyperpuissant - uniquely powerful - the only one of her kind - ever - Great Satan is the indispensable nation. She alone strikes out on a globestomping scale to correct uncool behavior, rescue the perishing and care for the dying.

Regardless of the tempting temptationing sirens song of isolationism (often risibly camouflaged as something something "Off Shore Balancing") - Great Satan essentially cannot abandon the world she herself hath wrought - no matter how refreshing a vacation holiday sounds.

Just like Spider - Man, with all this great power came great responsibilities. It's a fact Jack - whether sought after, wanted, welcomed or not.

A lot like the armies of attention attracting sporty shorties at the mall that demand, deflect and encouragingly discourage players.

And, just like those delightfully assetted little hottie drama magnets, Great Satan will find opportunities to use it - or the world will discover opportunities for Great Satan to use it.

Pic - "Isolationist Myth"


Old Rebel said...

Wow. You're still at it. Some people never learn.

Hate to burst your bubble, but the DC Empire is BROKE, out of money, finished. The kindly ChiComs might toss us a few more trillion to keep us afloat, but the cost of holding down a far-flung empire and dictating to the world how to behave has gutted our economy.

Even our milquetoast Congress is resisting the president's illegal war in Libya, another fun adventure we cannot afford.

Jonny said...

The nexus of old-school foreign policy liberal and whippersnapper-ish neo-con thought. I dig this post! For the kids of America, our "unique power" (with all the implications/ramifications) is an imperative and our birth right with a history speaking to the vitality and accomplishments of this country and its people. (Where we prob. diverge is acknowledging when we've failed. You know, the modest exceptionalist.)

Running to the left of 44 is proof: the neo-con wing of the GOP is dead - I'm cool with that. Let a new interventionist FP coalition be formed out of necessity.

Old Reb., toss our imperative or push shared sacrifice? 43 and 44 were/are wrong not to engage the pop. in our wars. Bizarre tax cuts (part of the brokeness), peeps getting fatter (another part), ridiculous health care (yet another) and increased level of detachment.

I suppose this is just the undulating rhythm of American foreign policy - this is totally what Otis was singing about...

Peter said...

What happens one minute after Iran flings it's brand new nuke at Tel Aviv? What happens ten minutes after Iran sends a nuke in a cargo container into New York's harbor?

Someone in Washington or Israel had better figure out that the Mullahs do not care if they are destroyed while killing the infidels.

I would rather someone smarten up and stop these folks from having nukes when they really can't be trusted with a Red Ryder Beebee gun.