Wednesday, October 12, 2011

al Qods!

Casus Belli!

The audacious reports about Persia's Revo Guards al Qods Force prepping and plotting to detonate multiple detonations on Great Satan's holy home turf is bloody off the charts y'all!

1st off - the proxy wars in Persian Gulf betwixt the Kingdom of Wahabbia Arabia and Preacher Command are getting all amped up. Willing to be killing around 200 Americans to make a point to Saudilanders is riskily risque beyond repair.

As is the amateur time aspirational that didn't make the haj to operational - financed from a known al Qods financial institute, no less - seems awful hokey. Plausible you know what ability perhaps

Attacking the Royal Saudi Embassy to kill His Excellency Ambassador Al-Jubeir (he's not a Royal - just a loyal productive minion).  Envoy reported last month that Al-Jubeir personally brought a super secret letter from Saudi King to 44 in September and instantly split immediately for Saudiland. What all did the letter say? Great Satan and Saudi embassy did not disclose what all the correspondence involved. From pages 4 & 5 
 “...If we keep our diplomatic ties with the Iranians, they will think we are weak, and they will keep trying to attack us. This is their hobby. Iran has no respect for international law."

And how about doing Little Satan's Embassy and His Excellency Ambassador Oren as a what for?

Serious chiz kids -this kinda murderous chicanery is of the type where funintended consequences could literally detonate an avalanche of cascading mayhem drawing Great Satan right into Persian Gulf and the Hijaz. Unexpected overt and covert combatty ops and delights would certainly entail.

If Iran was truly hot to attack a diplomat and close confidante' of the Undying King on American soil - and loling the deaths of hundreds of Americans - has Great Satan casus belli to respond? Should she respond?

Unless of course, Iran is looking for a fight. Certain cats in Preacher Commands Praetorian Revo Guards and al Quds Foreign Adventure Force may be hot for domestic reasons to fight Great Satan and/or Saudiland to reap a rally round the flag regime bustier

Within moments of the news - some of the highest levels of Great Satan ruled out military response. K, fair enough - yet why is that 44's posse's first response? And shouldn't they keep that on the down low? Let Persia sweat it out for a few days at least.

If Great Satan fails to offer heartache and pain to Persia's al Qods n Revo Guards somehow someway - Saudi Arabia may be compelled to act out - inadvertently sparking a more bigger battle. And like a black hole swirly event horizon thingy circling a really bad about to happen event - it could suck in all kinda nations in a regional hot war fought globally 

 Also this plot sends a chilling message to Great Satan from Iran: The ability to strike the American Homeland. Add new clear nation/state status to the mix and it's credible deterrence.

44's diplomatic outreach to Iran has only seemed to embolden and provoke pretty reckless critical command elements in Iran. From IED's in Iraq, the Stan - the new improved al Qaeda rat line via Iran - (the Kronos PDF - it's hot!

These hijinks kinda pale in realization that al Qods and Revo Guard may soon be the pretty reckless new clear critical command elements in Iran

GsGf's Persian Gulf Military Expert shares that the Iranian attempt on the Saudi ambassador’s life shows that Mullahopolis is meaner and nastier than ever before. And no longer fears Great Satan's military retaliation.
"Courtney, the regime may no longer be concerned about a massive American conventional military retaliation. In the past, that fear has been an important restraint on Iranian action against the United States. Again, if true, this plot suggests that the Iranians may believe either that the United States is so consumed with its own internal problems and so determined to avoid another war in the Middle East that the American people would not countenance any action that might risk escalation with Iran. Alternatively, it may suggest that Iran believes its nuclear program is far enough along to deter conventional American military retaliation."

Pic - "The old hostile policies of the American-Zionist axis are a humorous act and part of the special scenarios staged and pursued by the enemies of m"Hammedism and the region to sow discord"


Raedwulf said...

You left out the chilling aspect of the Iranians trying to use a Mexican drug cartel to aid them in their plot. If the Iranians and other pro terror types start alliances with the drug cartels of Mexico we could have a real problem in the homeland.

Will Profit said...

What have they to fear? Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Big Sis? Good thing we have the Mezzican border sealed. I'm sure they wont try again.

SecondComingOfBast said...

Hey they might be planning to take Ahmadinejahd out, or maybe even Khamenei. That would show them. That would also shore up support for Obama at home, and go a long way towards repairing strained relations with the Israelis.

Of course, there's also the possibility this is all a lot of crap to distract from Fast And Furious. It would have all the earmarks, including the timeline of the investigation, and also the involvement of the Mexican drug cartel. I guess of course it could be a coincidence that this all comes out on the heels of the news that indictments might be flying out soon.

But hell, what difference does it make? If you're going to run a false flag operation, might as well go all out.

Old Rebel said...

Heavens, I thought the GSGF hive had more brains than this! This whole thing totally fails the sniff test.

C'mon, people. This is the District of Corruption selling this nonsense. Remember Saddam's Winnebagos of Death? Don't be fooled again!

Right Truth said...

Courtney, the more I think about this 'plot', the more I read the legal documents, the stranger it sounds. I'm getting a funny feeling in my gut,...

I listen to the experts and it sounds strange that the IRG who are apparently represented here on US soil, would solicit the Mexican drug cartel, Zetas, to do their dirty work.

The Saudis have made several statements, but the Israelis seem very quiet about the entire incident.

Right Truth