Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Clear Wahabbia?


As that naval sortee'ing Persian Preacher Command maybe might be sorta races to regional puissance ala new clear weaponry one of the charming caveats about the Devil We Know seems to be getting all crunk up. 

"We cannot live in a situation where Iran has nuclear weapons and we don't. It's as simple as that. If Iran develops a nuclear weapon, that will be unacceptable to us and we will have to follow suit."
Ah - the coup d' grace for the containment meme via new clear Persia - nicht wahr? After all, a containment regimen in the new millennium would make 44 years of NATO/Warsaw Pact chiz look like a blow out sales at Vicoria's you know what

So how exactly would the original He Man Woman Hater Kingdom get a new clear weaponry program fixed up to crank out warheads for - oh - say NoKo style missiles capable of toting them to target? 

Saudilanders wouldn't. Instead - as best understood - the Wahabbies are counting on spiritual sisters in Land of the Pure to provide ready made armageddonlicious destructive devices
Saudi Arabia has been beefing up its military links with Pakistan to counter Iran's expansionist plans and this reportedly includes acquiring atomic arms from the only Muslim nuclear power or its pledge of nuclear cover. Pakistan has become a front-line state for Sunni Islam and is being positioned by its leaders, particularly in the powerful military and intelligence establishments, as a bulwark against Shiite Iran and its proxies.

Increasingly, Pakistan is rushing to the defense of Saudi Arabia, with whom it has a long had discreet security links. It is reported to have put two army divisions on standby for deployment to Saudi Arabia if the kingdom is threatened by Iran or the pro-democracy uprisings sweeping the Arab world. 

It is even reported to be prepared to provide Saudi Arabia with nuclear weapons if threatened by Iran. In return, it has been promised Saudi Arabian oil and treasure. 
 Hot gossip deets that Land of the Pure has reserved two new clear devices for Saudi use - either as traditional bombs or missile payloads stashed at that PAK Air Force Base in Kamra  (Attock district to be exact - in Punjab province).

Oh the irony!

Iran wants to counter Pakistan's "Sunni Bomb" with her own "Shia Bomb." A Saudi/Land of the Pure hook up kinda double stymies Persia.

Preacher Command's nat'listic unshakey b'leaf is driving Iran to Imperium 
Call it destiny, entitlement, or even manifest destiny, Courtney: what's critical to understand is that Iran today has an unshakable belief in its right to empire. It means to achieve this through proxy warfare and control over oil supplies. 
 At 1st glance - the underwhelmingly uniformed could be forgiven for thinking this type of containment - ala Warsaw Pact/NATO era containment would allow 'both' sides to sweetly develop into a magical wonderful place where peace love and tolerance bring multitudes of nation states into the new millennium

Uh, what?

A new clear umbrella would also enablingly allow Iran and Saudi to act out asymmetrically against  new clear Shia/Sunnis in the Hijaz and Gulf - kinda like Pakistan's non state actor outers that torment India and the Stan  

Pic - "Under these conditions, "Slamabad's pursuing any clandestine nuclear deal with Riyadh can only aggravate such risks and international concerns".


Winston said...

wrong to rely on unreliable governments to do our bidding... regime change Iran.