Monday, October 17, 2011

Lord's Resistance Army


44 is getting AFRICOM to help out in Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo against the LRA - terrorist outlaw militia (inexplicably missing from Great Satan's Official Enemies List - for now).

The 100 SOF combat cats enroute to give up fun friendly advice maybe might inflict pain, death and destruction and killing and capturing LRA to "...remove them from the battlefield..." 

Lord's Resistance Army is an Xian sounding nom d'guerre yet hot gossip whispers LRA is more like a hokey kinda mystical unXian coven of killers, tormentors, creeps and jerks.

Spewed out by Aunt Alice - an Acholi witch doctress of sorts blessed both with the magical ability to seance with dead Eyetye military cats like Commander Lakwena and xform sticks into RPG's and AK's - LRA is now led by the ICC indicted ex altar boy, football star (and a wonderful dancer) Chairman and Commander-in-Chief Joseph Kony.

Under Aunt Alice's cousin Joseph - LRA has 
engaged in a cycle of violence and established a pattern of “brutalization of civilians” by acts including murder, abduction, sexual enslavement, mutilation, as well as mass burnings of houses and looting of camp settlements; that abducted civilians, including children, are said to have been forcibly “recruited” as fighters, porters and sex slaves to serve the LRA and to contribute to attacks against the Ugandan army and civilian communities

LRA also enjoyed proxy status for Sudan's Field Marshal President For Life (the only sitting head of State indicted for war crimes by ICC ) tho since Sudan broke in half - LRA may be on their own

Pic - "Control Altar”


Scott Kirwin said...

Aunt Alice transforms sticks into AKs and RPGs? That's a waste of sticks. There are plenty of those around Africa, and more heading their way since Libyans are cleaning the streets with Khadaffi's corpse.