Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hybrid War

GsGf's vertical envelopment and COIN adviser - our very own Starbuck at Wings Over Iraq - has a bit in this stiff thing with paper all in it called "Hybrid War and Something Something Trans Nat'l Threats."  

Prepping for an Era of Permanent Conflict, Captain - soon to be Major - Burke has a great chapter dealing with the Little Satan Hiz'B'Allah rocket war of '06 with a decidedly American view of the conflict -it's way better than Canadian Parliament or the Golf Channel and super sure to get your brain all cranked up.

Get your copy now kids!

Wings Over Iraq has announced the All Star Line up for Rocktober including World Famous Army Major Michael Lyons of West Point Radio, the infamous Drunken Predator Drone - that's MQ-1B
Unmanned Alcoholic Vehicle UAV. - just back from wacking Awalaki in Yemen, the ever influential gap shrinking babe Laurenist, Security Scholar's Natalie Sambhi along with more of the more bigger brain cats around - like Adam Elkus and Aaron Ellis.

 And for an amazingly uninformed suck writer that unverified gossip claims epicly failed to make the cut - don't sweat it sweetie - nodobby's perfect!)

Take this op to add Wings Over Iraq to your blog roll, twidder thingy and it's guaranteed to magically transform subscribers into superior intellectuals, worldly, pious, witty, cool, fun to be with, irresistible, au courant and all together with it. Amaze friends, confound enemies and revel in the envy and righteous respect of peers.

Pic - "Looking 'round the room - won't tell you the plan..." 


Starbuck said...

Courtney, I must protest. I am ALREADY Major Burke.

Effective date of rank is 1 OCT. My parents will be by to do the pinning (velcroing) on the 28th.

Schenck said...

Wuhat, no print edition on Amazon?

Also, with the title like hybrid war, how'd you resist putting up a Vampire Diaries pic? DAMN CLAUS!