Wednesday, October 19, 2011

V Check Coup d'état


Mommieland of all of Araby - with that mighty mighty Aegyptian Army on paper( lol) - after all curiously unable to take an 8 hour panzer ride to Khartoum back in the day or even sortee a couple of reinforced Mech Brigades next door to Libya to halt unacceptable behavior - yet able to deploy to kidnap girls off the streets for V Checks.

Frikking pitiful.

In charge of the change from despotry to a fully crunk democrazyPyramidland's Supreme Council Armed Forces is dragging assets

Great Satan's Ambassador to Aegypt points out the Military's long, slow drawn out Guardianship of the Revolution that Arab Spring sprung is kinda more like a Military Dictatorship that ain't unassing anytime soon!
“I don’t think, frankly, the military knows or anyone else knows. This process has really been fraught with uncertainty from the very beginning and decisions are often made on a day-to-day basis, so I would expect that to continue for a while"
The military is simply not sticking to its word - delaying timelines and the transition of power. That, coupled with increasing violence, only suggests that Egypt's Arab Spring experience will be much more complicated - more in line with nations like Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain.  Maybe Egypt is just on a slower timeline towards unease. 

While we were busy giving awards to Egyptian freedom advocates - or focused on the plight of our former ally Hosni Mubarak - we may have missed a coup.

Now, maybe the U.S. can use its considerable financial support of the Egyptian Army to force change - but that will be difficult absent cutting the bank account.

This all means may need a new name for what is going on in Egypt. Is this the first "slow-roll coup" of the 21st Century? The coup that shall not be named? The pseudo-coup?
 Since Aegypt rocks the world as a world leader only in collecting Foreign Aid and Black Veil Brides Complexes - how bout nom d'guerr'ing Supreme Council Armed Forces rule Le V Check coup d'état?

Pic - "Black Veil Brides II"