Thursday, October 20, 2011

Appropriate Reaction

“It is not just a dangerous escalation. This is part of a pattern of dangerous and reckless behavior by the Iranian government”

So spake 44 - visibly dissed by Mullahopolis' Bystander in Chief payback ala Persia's rather constant naughty naughtiness to the Open Hand/ Hello dialogue meme.   

Captain and Katherine Obvious deliver a half and half good/suck piece (unlike o- say the double team amore' Leverettes - known by all the cool kids as Jank Central) that warns of going all Grozny on Iran and the Persian perils of D Day style invasions.

Iran wants to drag Great Satan down to their level, attacking the regime will make Iranians love Preacher Command even more, funintended consequences and must. Stay. Awake...

Uh, yeah - we get it.

OTOH, some kinda poke back seems appropriate.  

And that's the rub, nicht wahr?

Just like Ladies Night at the Club, sev feel good target sets are sweetly available.

Would anyone really - really be flat tore up if Persia's IED factory got vaporized? 

Or even better - if a, heh, 'Saudi' combined arms team maintained air superiority over the site while 'Saudi' cats vertically enveloped the place, capturing key workers, sabotaging equipment and at the same incredible instant VIPing reporters on an interactive tour of the place?

Or doing up a few al Quds Force Training Camps in New Millennium Steel on Target fashion? 

Maybe even getting a hussylicious plot to knock off Persia's Most Dangerous General

Iran's only refinery at Karg Island could be the most unluckiest place on earth with the hap hap happy effect of parking Iran's internal forces for lack of petrol.

The 2 ship flotilla floating about could like - just - disappear

Aside from Hiz'B'Allah in Leb Leb Lebanon, Iran's Official Exporters l'Revolucione! actually have a suck track record. Persian payback seems warranted on a global scale. Like proxies south of the border (a big political plus for 44).

GsGf's Diplopolititary Advisor says maybe like the best maneuver would be to hit the Revo Guards in their pocketbook thang

"A requisite first step Courtney, is for Great Satan and her posse to map the width and breadth of the IRGC’s economic empire - and then to move decisively against it. The foiled October terror plot only serves to confirm just how high the potential costs of not doing so could be."
  Pic - "We're storming through this! Despite. What's. Right!"


RAEDWULF said...

Maybe the regime is hoping for agression to happen against Iran so that the people will feel a sense of patriotic obligation to support the regime?