Friday, April 4, 2014

Ambassador Of Terror

From GsGf's What The Heck Department...
The supposedly moderate Hassan Rouhani, has applied for credentials to install as his United Nations ambassador a man who participated in the 1979 seizure of Great satan's embassy in Tehran.

Hamid Aboutalebi protests that he was a translator when the Iranian regime sanctioned the hostage-taking of 52 Americans — as if serving only as a translator would make a difference.

Aboutalebi was there. He was part of the death-to-America crowd. He has no place in Great Satan, let alone as a dignitary.

44 must recognize Rouhani’s choice of Aboutalebi for the deliberate show of contempt that it is.

Rouhani sent the hostage-taker 44’s way as the U.S. is attempting to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapon capability. Rather than ratchet up economic sanctions that were starting to bite, 44 agreed to discuss terms with an opening bid that surrendered ground.

Clearly, Rouhani believes he has the stronger hand — strong enough to stick a thumb in Obama’s eye. Will 44 dare to shut out Aboutalebi?

He must.

Iran has consistently used terror and murder to accomplish its ends, patronizing Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, sending allies to prop up the bloodthirsty Syrian regime and even finding common cause with Al Qaeda.

Pic - "Maybe take THAT cat hostage"