Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Than Drones

LOL! The multi double tapping Drones Gone Wild returned from Spring Break in Yemen and annihilated several metric tonnes of creepy girl hating intolernant head chopping Great Satan haters.

Instead of getting hot for the "Near Enemy" - local regimes that don't cotton to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's partic brand of m"Hammedism - the Yemen bunch are hot to attack the "Far Enemy" - Great Satan.

Waves of American aircraft—identified by Yemeni officials as drones—targeted militants in vehicles, while Yemeni commandos poured from Russian-made helicopters steered by U.S. Special Operations pilots. The government of Yemen said 55 militants were killed, a sizable number that analysts said may also be significant.

What hardly anydobby has noted is - the Counter Terrorism approach - drones alone with a few raids here and there - may not be cutting it

Pic - "To achieve victory in this conflict, we require a comprehensive global counterinsurgency that will address global asymmetric threats. "