Monday, April 28, 2014

Painted In A Corner

Well, gotta admit - it sure looks like the end of the line for Great Satan's Excellent Adventures in the Forever Quest for Palestine.

If the dual nom d'guerr'd Abu Mazen/Mamoud Abbas follows thru with the HAMAS/Fatah reconciliation chiz, then the exit ramp is here now.

Since HAMAS is on Great Satan's Official Enemies List - any hook up with those cats should automatically free up Great satan from giving bling to Palestine - and by extension - any UN fronts that wanna give Palestine cash

44's fiscal year 2015 budget request asked for $440 million for both Palestines - West Bank and the Strip in 2014

If Congress gets on the scene - it means Great Satan will have to forsake all that honest brokering chiz and let what ev happens happen in the Little Satan Palestine arena.

The Peace Process is undeniably no longer a major world issue or even a hot regional concern. Truly, it is a matter of profound indifference to the world if Little Satan and Palestine cut a deal or not

Reckon we should all be like...

...grateful to Abbas for providing what this conflict—a century-long thriller in which the plot lines have become impossible to follow—needed most: a moment of clarity.

“U.S. law is clear on the prohibition of U.S. assistance to a unity Palestinian government that includes Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization, and 44 must not allow one cent of American taxpayer money to help fund this terrorist group.”

Amen to that.

And many thanks once again to Abbas: By partnering with the beasts of Hamas he has condemned his own people to live under an encroaching Taliban-like religious fundamentalism, has very likely deprived his already corrupt and nearly bankrupt government of the foreign aid on which it depends for most of its budget, and has signaled—again—that he lacks the maturity of mind and amplitude of will required of a statesman truly striving for the well-being of his people.

 But he’s given us a moment of brilliant clarity, and that, in such dark times, is a lot.
Pic - "Now the ball is in Great Satan's court - if there is no blunt American reaction, this will be the start of a diplomatic landslide that will lead to the recognition of Hamas by Western countries"