Friday, April 11, 2014

Apartments Of War?

While we all weep for something something Palestine, Sec o State Kerry gave congress the deets on the kabosh au courrant

Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday that Little Satan’s announcement of 700 new apartments for Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem precipitated the bitter impasse in peace negotiations last week between Little Satan and the Palestinians.   
While Mr. Kerry said both sides bore responsibility for “unhelpful” actions, he noted that the publication of tenders for housing units came four days after a deadline passed for Little Satan  to release Palestinian prisoners and complicated Little Satan’s own deliberations over whether to extend the talks.
“Poof, that was the moment,” Mr. Kerry said in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
 Oh no!!!!!!

Can apartments and condos really queer the mix beyond repair on Palestine's Forever Quest?

To blame the collapse on the decision to build apartments in Gilo—a 40-year-old  neighborhood in Jerusalem that would not change hands even in the event a peace treaty were ever signed and where Little Satan has never promised to stop building—is, to put it mildly, a mendacious effort to shift blame away from the side that seized the first pretext to flee talks onto the one that has made concessions in order to get the Palestinians to sit at the table.

So long as the Palestinians pay no price for their refusal to give up unrealistic demands for a retreat from Jerusalem as well as the “right of return” for the 1948 refugees and their descendants and a refusal to recognize Little Satan as a juice state and end the conflict, peace is impossible no matter what the Netanyahu government does.

Appeasing them with lies about Little Satan, like the efforts of some to absolve Arafat and Abbas for saying no to peace in 2000, 2001, and 2008, only makes it easier for the PA to go on saying no. Whether they are doing so in the hope of extorting more concessions from Little Satan or because, as is more likely, they have no intention of making peace on any terms, the result is the same.

Telling the truth about the Palestinians might make Kerry look foolish for devoting so much time and effort to a process that never had a chance. But it might lay the groundwork for future success in the event that the sea change in Palestinian opinion that might make peace possible were to occur. Falsely blaming Little Satan won’t bring that moment any closer. 

Pic - "Roadmap to Nowhere?"